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The Black Line


So this weekend I attended a baby shower for my dearest, oldest friend (not old in the literal sense), but old as in we go way, way back! We joked about how long we have known each other, which stems back to Tot Lot, a place for kids almost ready for kindergarten. Yea, we go way back. She was always the quiet, good kid, and I was the not so quiet, I-can’t-help-that-I-have-a-loud-voice kid. She used to get me in trouble all the time, by whispering to me in her near silent voice“…want to come over today?”  Whereas, my whisper back “ WHAT DID YOU SAY?” would send me packing for the black line. For those of you that don’t know what a black line is…it was the line in the Kindergarten classroom separating the carpet from the tile floor. But, to me, it was the BLACK LINE of shame for those who committed the eternal sin of LOUD WHISPERS. Our friendship was always a strong one, after awhile the black line became my friend, as well as the family joke!

My grandparents would come to visit and they would ask, “Did you have to sit on the black line today?” and I would reply, “yes, but today it was a big black snake taking me for a ride through the desert.” AHHH if only the black line could come rescue me from my job during the course of the day! How I miss you, my friend!


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The Pursuit of Happiness

My hubby and I have just moved from the East coast to the West. We consider it more like trying to educate ourselves on different parts of the U.S., but since it happens every three years, maybe it is more like an itch…but one you can’t reach. You know what I mean, those hard to reach places where you just can’t get in and scratch…oh wait I digress.  Well, I suppose it is more like the three year itch, if that even exists. Does it count that the last three years were in pursuit of higher education in the hopes of landing the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Well, it hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, we are transitioning to the West in stride.  

I work for a university and he has a job in technical theatre. We are settling in to a normal routine and we shall see what is in store for us next. Although I have a feeling that something is bound to happen because our lives are a little like Disneyland…painful at times, but the food is sure good! We shall see what  Adventure Land has in store for us.


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