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Sisterly Love

I am the oldest (and cutest) of three sisters and since moving back out West, we are now in close proximity to each other. What I mean by this is: on foot it takes me 2 minutes to get to my sister’s house. Yea, it is AWESOME. So, you ask how’d we all get to be so close—in proximity and sisterly love? Well, it wasn’t always that way. Here are my recollections:

When Sar was first born, I was less then pleased. There was a new, annoying person taking over my parents, my toys, and MY attention! Then we got a little older and she started to annoy me even more, was this EVEN possible? I couldn’t go anywhere without her tagging along! My parents always insisted that I play with her in MY room. If she cried, I got the blame. If we were fighting, I had to give in first. She was a sneaky child; when she was mad, she was always one to let you know in different and unique ways, by sneaking into my room and turning all my belongings upside down. Trust me, when you are 9 years old subtlety can be a killer! I can remember begging my parents to get rid of her and give her to a nice family, but they never took me up on any of those requests!

Then something happened: Rae was born, the last and final child. All of the sudden, it wasn’t so bad sharing Barbie’s cause we could team up and give Rae the ugly ones that no one else wanted…and better yet she didn’t even notice! We could get her to do things for us, in order to allow her to play with us! Rae became that person we could pick on….double the torment, double the fun! Unbeknownst to Rae, we could manipulate her to do what we needed. I can recall the time we told her she was adopted, but not to mention it to Mom and Dad because it would make them cry! Yea, we were evil! But, overall, she wasn’t half bad and she usually could see past our evil ploys.

Eventually, we all got past our differences and now I can’t imagine a moment without either of my sisters, the little women! And I know they would be so SAD without me being so close to TORMENT them…some things never change!


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