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Jersey Mike’s

So, I have a confession to make. While living in Connecticut, I discovered the most SUCCULENT, AMAZING, MOUTH WATERING, BEST sub place in America. Hard to believe, huh? Trust me, I don’t need to pinch you….it exists! And it was the one thing I thought I would miss most. But, lucky for me, the stars were aligned.

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding to move out West was:  did Jersey Mike’s even exist out in the desert? If not, the decision to move would be harder than I thought! Luckily, I was told by the CT store that one was being built out West. Thankfully, I could now get my fix there too (yes, I am an addict, and yes I need help…do not judge me).

I continued to stalk and call (they already had a phone number listed on the website…but no one ever answered) the new building in the hopes that I could will it to be done that much faster, and luckily in no time it was the Grand Opening! As you can imagine, I was there on opening day, ready and waiting for my #7 sandwich, Mike’s Way of course! MMMMMM! So, my feeding frenzy continued to thrive and trust me, it is not pretty!

I cannot even explain my obsession with this place, if I do not have it at least once I week, I feel like my hunger cannot be quenched. Much to the hubby’s chagrin, I know where every store is out here and where new ones will pop up. I will probably cause us to go broke with my continual obsession with this sub shop, but he will have to get over it, or divorce me first. J

My advice to you is to go find one in your area and try it for yourself, if you don’t drop down in a dead faint from its wonderfulness, then I will be shocked! Trust me, once you have had the “Jersey Mike Experience” you will either feel the same way, or you can be entitled to your own wrong opinion, but know that you are wrong—very, very wrong!




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