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Ignorance is Bliss…

Hubby: Did you check the mail today?

Me: No, there are probably only yucky bills in there; so why bother? Let me pretend to live in denial for a few more days!

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Crazy People and Me

I think I have a knack for meeting the oddest people out there. Either I emit some type of a signal that says…”come talk to me crazy people” or it could be I am like catnip for the crazies, not sure which yet.

When I lived in CT, I tended to meet all kinds of wackos. Once, while working at a nameless job in CT, I worked with a girl who used to mimic me all the time. No I am not kidding. At first, I thought she was just talking to herself, no biggie. But, I soon noticed the words that came out were usually statements I had made about a minute ago. This girl was NUTS. I can recall one conversation with her: (I will call her CL for Crazy Lady)

CL: I love Garlic bagels, I eat them every day. I am sure they make my breath stink, but I LOVE them.

Me: uh huh (then answering phone) Hi. How can I help you.

CL:  mimicking, “hi, how can I help you.”

Me to CL:  Can you tell me why you are mimicking me, while I am on the phone?

CL:  I like to mimic and copy you. It is just what I do.

Who does that?

One time the hubby and I were in Blockbuster. We walked in front of a lady who was looking at movies, so the hubby says….

H: Excuse me, maam.

CL#2   grabs him by the arm while declaring in a very, very loud voice: YOU AREN’T FROM HERE, ARE YOU?

 H: No maam. (Hubby looks scared, I whisper to him, just play along, she is probably crazy—at this point I am unphased).

CL#2 states (still shrieking loudly) you just made my day! For saying excuse me, no one does that anymore! Then walks away cackling loudly.

Where do these people come from?

Lastly, when first moving to CT, we lived in a duplex. (Us on the bottom, crazy neighbors on top).  First night we move in, I unknowingly parked on his side of the Carport. CN (crazy neighbor) comes barreling down the road and proceeds to stop by the carport and starts screaming at me:

CN: What the F*** are you doing in my spot! Get the H*** out. That is MY SPOT.

Me: (thinking he is about to burst a blood vessel in his forehead) Hi, I am your new neighbor, didn’t know this was your spot. Nice to meet you!

So, as you can tell by the above events I attract crazy people like ants to a dropped piece of candy on the ground! I don’t know how I do it! Hopefully, I can stop this soon, but I have a feeling they will find me sooner or later, they always do. (TWILIGHT ZONE theme music)


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