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Conflict Resolution 101

Last week my workplace offered a conflict resolution session which I attended. (Well actually, three of my co-workers insisted the class was strictly for me, so I had better take advantage of it!) These westerners aren’t used to my sarcastic humor, I guess.

 I learned that one should never be afraid of a little conflict because it can only make you stronger…..or teach you how to become better at picking fights with people in creative and sometimes sarcastic manners. Which I suppose could only lead to bad things, unless you are trying to see what type of personality the aggressor is to test if their reactions are based on what you’ve learned in class: about personality styles and the way the different styles deal with conflict head on. But, I ramble….

The moral of the story is: Conflict can be good and bad, until you get in a physical, hair pulling fight to resolve it. Then you had better start looking for another job. Take your pick.

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