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Irrational Fears and the Ice Cream Man

So there is an ice cream truck that drives through our neighborhood on a daily basis. I don’t know why I cringe in fear every time I hear his creepy music go past our house; he basically frightens me.  I think my fear stems from a movie I saw when I was a kid. I don’t know much more, my recollections are the ice cream man would drive through the neighborhoods and get kids to follow him with his tasty treats. He would then open the back of his truck shove them in and they would fall through an icy tunnel into another land. I supposed kind of like Narnia—-but not as pretty. And would never be seen from or heard of again.

Even the ice cream van is scary! It is an old, beat up white van…no posters, no decorations with kiddie music (but more like a bad record player) playing in high pitches, so that it makes Patches go crazy every time he goes past (see even she knows he is evil).

Now hubby LOVES the ice cream man, whenever he hears the music he starts getting all excited and I have to hold him back and remind him of my irrational fear. But, usually to no avail. Someday he will believe me, but then again it might be too late. Someday when he doesn’t come back, I will know the ice cream man got him!


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