Conversations with a past graduate student….

Phone rings in my office around 8am, Thursday morning.

Hubby: I need a beer!

Me: It is morning; it is too early to need a beer.

Hubby: Well, it is 5’oclock somewhere, so it is ok!

Me (thinking in my head): What a bad influence Grad School was…..

 Do they make tee shirts? I could design one to say: Three years of Yale graduate school and all I got was this beer guzzling husband! Where are the FAT paychecks and vacations? Please tell me!



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4 responses to “Conversations with a past graduate student….

  1. Ecxessive beer consumptions can lead to fat belly rather than fat paychecks…

    Love? what keeps us with him?

  2. goodbadandugly2

    Love=cooking! 🙂 Which I suppose could also lead to a fat belly, but what do I know….

  3. You should go make that t-shirt on one of those sites like Cafe Press. 🙂 You could wear it around the house.

  4. I know! My hubby is dying for me to patent the shirt now…..guess I should get one made! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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