Got Mail?

So, a last night the hubby and I are reading in bed. He is reading Maxim magazine and interrupts me to tell me…

Hubby(shocked, disbelief): Listen to this! People are paying 40 dollars to this “left behind “ website so that they can leave people email messages after the rapture has taken place!

Me: Are you kidding me? That can’t be real! Who would pay $40 bucks to do that? It is probably just a joke.

So, the next day, I go online, and lo and behold….the site exists! (I really need to come up with my great idea, so I can strike it rich and retire, but that has yet to happen.) Quite a thorough site, colorful with great word choices and very to the point, what is the catch you ask? Well, money of course. You can’t leave a message for free! A mere $40 bucks annually will get your message to your loved ones.  You don’t believe me, check this out:  (nice name, right?)

My question still remains:  are all the people that are going to be left behind going to remember to check their email? I highly doubt the first thing that will come to mind is: Gosh, I have to check my email (despite the fact all my friends are missing), I know that Joe (from down the street) left me a message, knowing that I would be left behind! I can see it now I bet it says….if you are reading this, you are S.O.L! Better luck next time…….



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2 responses to “Got Mail?

  1. Or, for that matter, will there be electricity such that e-mail can actually be checked?

  2. That is too funny….wish I had thought of that idea!

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