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The Dividing Line

Note to Readers: My sister only likes to read the blog when it is about her, so just remember, she asked for this.

For as long as I can remember I had to share a room growing up. It was the worst TORTURE you could possibly imagine. Not only did I NEVER have any privacy, but my annoying little sister would follow me everywhere. I now realize she wanted to BE ME (cause I was SUPER cool…and still am), but at that time, I so did not want to be seen with her. She cramped my style. So, sometimes, I had to get a little creative to get her in trouble.

We always used to pretend there was a line in the middle of the room, come on who didn’t? It was the dividing line. This line was critical to our existence together. It divided my stuff and hers and was never to be crossed by the other person without permissions or instant death (or beatings) could occur. As I recall, I made sure my side had the bathroom and the doors, so she would constantly have to ask for permissions for entry and exits (to which I could ignore if I so chose). I was very careful to make sure I always got the better deal. Whenever we would have room inspections, I would get all the praise. I was sooooooo clean; my side was always picked up. It was me who could go off to my friends house, while Sar stayed home and picked up her messy side of the room! It became FACT:  I was the clean one, and she was Sarah the SLOB (no worries, names HAVE NOT been changed to protect identities).

But in reality, it was me who would shove stuff everywhere on her side. I would throw my toys on her side, I would throw my trash on her side….you name it, I shoved it. She never really caught on for the longest time…..I think she thought her messes just multiplied, when in fact, I was the culprit. It was awesome really. Not only did I have the better side, but I could get away with tossing stuff on her side of the room and plague her with the torture of cleaning her side—while I went off and played.  

Life was good.

That is, until we moved into the new house and all got our own rooms…..soon the truth was out….Sarah the SLOB disappeared and Junky Jessi came out to play….ahhh the joys of sisterhood! J


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