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How to survive the holidays and family…


Rae just bought one of these bottles… helps her survive the family drama. Not only did she just buy a bottle, but she bought the biggest bottle you can buy.

MMMMMM mind numbing.

Here is another recipe to get you through the family holiday time (yes, I am reccommending drinking with family time):

Kentucky Mulled Cider

1 Cup Maker’s Mark Whisky
4 Cup Apple Cider
1 Lemon – sliced thin
6 cloves
1/2 tsp. Allspice (ground)
2 small cinnamon sticks

Combine Maker’s Mark and cider. Add 1 thinly sliced lemon with rind, cloves, allspice and sticks of cinnamon. Heat to boiling and serve

courtesy: Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon Whisky

Try it! Good stuff! Everything is better with a little booze in you!


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We survived…


Hubby and I decided to go out for a quick look-see on Black Friday. Yea, we are crazy….but we survived. No major bruises, scrapes, or tramplings. However, I did talk with people and apparently some people had been in lines for stuff starting at 6pm on Wednesday! WHO DOES THAT? That means they MISSED Thanksgiving! (I cannot even comprehend this) There is one term for that…. CRAZY!

I, like everyone else, can drool over a good sale, but people these are just things….I can’t believe people get killed, fight, and trample for these items. I guess I will never understand it, but is it worth missing stuffing and turkey over? Heck, no! In my opinion that is just plain INSANITY! That is….unless you have a death wish….if so, I suppose it could be a way to make the headlines. (Again, CRAZY!)


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Dinner Prayers


We all got together for a beautiful Thanksgiving Spread. Lots of food, lots of fun, and lots of unbuttoned top buttons. One successful and juicy smoked turkey and another oven roasted turkey….all and all successful. No killings, no burning the house down and Hubby still loves me…..I call that successful!

We all sat down to the yummy dinner. Alan (Sar’s hubby) offered thanks for a wonderful dinner. Only we all had to hold hands….I know…eww cooties.

Alan: Thanks for the wonderful food and a great time with the family.

Me (under my breath): ewww Rae! Your hands are gross! (She has hands that feel like reptile skin…I think she is half alligator)

Alan: Amen

Rae (practically shouting after Alan’s amen): You WHORE.

Hubby: How nice, shouting WHORE after the dinner prayer!

Gotta love the fam! 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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Chore Wars

war1I created the T-Day chore list and this was our conversation a few nights ago (luckily I haven’t killed Hubby yet…I still need him to make the turkeys):

Me: Do you want to sweep or mop?

Hubby: Neither

Me: That is NOT an option.

Hubby: Neither

Me: I am going to stab your eye out.

Hubby: So what. I hate your chore list.

Me: I hate you. (Well, not really…but it sounded good in the heat of chore wars)

And the chore war begins, may the best person win. To Be Continued….


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The Kewl Texter


Recently I spent some time with the entire family and I taught my Uncle how to text. I don’t know what is with these OP’s (old people—but being a nice niece…I fell for it) they think they want to be so cool and learn technology, so I fell into the trap. Here is what happened:

Uncle (exclaiming): I just learned to text; text me anything! I am so cool!

Me (texting): K

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Me (texting back…even though I was in close proximity): short 4 ok

Uncle (texting): k!

Uncle (more texting): Hi. BTW how r u?

Me (texting faster than him): wow, impressive….ttyl

Uncle (yet again…texting): what does that mean? K!

Me (not texting): sigh

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Uncle (another text): k!

Now, I get these random texts all the time, can you guess what they say?

Uncle (random text at 6am): k!

After talking with my cousin (his son) he told me: NEVER, NEVER teach him any technology…..or you will regret it! HA HA! (That is why his own sons don’t teach him….isn’t that right, Matt?)

I am starting to understand this now. That is what I get for being so willing to share technology!


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How work makes me feel…



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T-Day Freak Outs…


This weekend I sorta, kinda, without-telling him volunteered Hubby to smoke a Thanksgiving bird, along with cooking the traditional bird too. Now I know what you are thinking….WHAT?!

 And I think Hubby felt the same way, but you see the thing is… is that he LOVES to cook for people…the more the merrier and I love that he loves to cook for me and everyone else. (Plus I am a bit biased and think his cooking is phenomenal!)

So, I totally thought he would be up for the challenge and I think he still is after he got over the initial shock factor…. J
It isn’t that he doesn’t want to smoke a bird, he just gets nervous because it is one of those things he hasn’t smoked just yet (and he likes things to come out perfect) and he has to prep the other one and do his famous sides…now I am not much of a cook, but I can help with the side preparations (hopefully)…he does get a little territorial in the kitchen.  We are having my sisters, potentially one of our parents, and my sister’s in-laws come to our house. So we pretty much will have a full house….9-10 people.

I think it should be pretty fun, however yesterday the reality of cleaning and cooking set in. So not only was hubby starting to freak out….but then I started my cleaning freak out (trust me it isn’t pretty). I don’t know why I get this way…..but I am an obsessive cleaner…I can’t help it (it might be a disease). So between my cleaning freak outs and Hubby’s food freak outs…Wednesday night and Thursday morning should be an exciting time at our house!  (Usually one of is calm, therefore, slapping the other back to reality , yup sometimes a good slap does a Hubby good—don’t quite know how it will work out if we BOTH are freaking out…..well one of us might end up on the TV show Snapped). If you see a lapse in blog postings readers, you will know that either:

 1. I am dead or

2.  I am in jail for killing Hubby or

3.  I set the house on fire trying to help and my computer burned with it.


I am hoping my Thursday morning rum-filled crepes will calm Hubby’s nerves…if not I will be forcing him to drink all day….which won’t be too hard.

Maker’s and coke here we come!


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The Coupon Nazi

couponsThis weekend we did our major Thanksgiving grocery shopping and let me tell you….it was not fun. However, we did do our homework and research because Frys Grocery Store is accepting competitors coupons, so we had to maximize our grocery shopping! We researched and cut millions of coupons…and saved a lot of money in the meantime. Upon check out time….we had the worst time. The coupon nazi (he was young) basically wanted to re-see every item (mind you the bagger had already bagged all our items….) so he was driving us crazy. As we apologized to people in line, they were even on our side (one lady exclaimed) hey they did their homework, give them their deals!

This kid was crazy……I finallly was like you know what I am not going to unbag all of our items to prove to you I got the matching item. After much consternation, I think he finally gave in towards the end, but he was crazy dude–and slow…he was like did you get this, and this?. Personally, I didn’t see the point in fighting over a dollar off deoderant, right? I mean come on…..anyways….that was our Sunday….at least the chaos of grocery shopping is done and we are on our way to a full kitchen. Why is it that grocery shopping around the time of the holidays is so painful? And why are there coupon nazi’s? I mean if you advertise it…and we do our homework and take the time to carefully shop down each and every aisle to mazimize the purchase—then don’t hassle me OR come along and be my personal shopper!


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The Evil pets….

ponyup_thetruthaboutcatsanddogsThe pets are evil. I don’t know what their deal is….but the one time we can sleep in is on the weekends they REFUSE to let us. I think they are a tagteam. I can actually hear their conversations:

Americus (the LOUDEST, MEOWING cat you will ever meet): Ok, everyone here is the plan. I will go into the room and start meowing at 4 AM. Just to get it started. If either of you see any movement…and I MEAN ANY then pounce, whine, do whatever you have to do to get them up.

Boston (the stand on you so you can’t breathe cat and licker of eyelids): Ok, but if that doesn’t work then I will chase you around the house, Americus and pounce on you until you scream…thus causing Patches to bark and go crazy and wake the whole house up!

Patches (the dog and eternal whiner): Sounds good, but if either of those don’t work I will just whine and whine and whine you know Mommy can’t stand that! Or maybe I will poke her with my long nose.

Time: Early in the morning…still dark outside. Probably 4am.

Mission: Accomplished

Me: Awake now ……..guess where all the pets are…..oh yea, they are all asleep right here beside me as I type! EVIL Tagteam!


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When a Man Loves a Woman…

This is an actual texting conversation between me and Hubby today:

Me: Dinner?

Hubby: yes please!


And, my friend WTF (check out his blog called WTF–from my blogroll) accuses me of NOT IT gluttony….. :)Perhaps he is right! But, then again he is a blogaholic! So that is like calling the kettle black, right?


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