Cousin Buddies

So, this past week I have been able to hang with cousins….some I have never met, some I met a long time ago and some you wonder why you are related! J

Anyways, my cousin and Sar made up this game this week of “cousin buddies.” Meaning each cousin has a match with another cousin and that makes your cousin buddy match. The rule is you can only have one cousin buddy, you cannot be part of a triplet. You then must come up with a sign to state your cousin buddyhood. It can be a secret handshake or any other type of secret signal or sign. But, no one wants to be mine… If it weren’t being flaunted in my face by my sister and cousin then maybe I would be able to accept it… you want to be my cousin buddy?



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21 responses to “Cousin Buddies

  1. I followed your ‘foot-prints’ here from another site. I’m glad I did! Your blog is wonderful.

    I understand well the concept of “cousin buddy”…unfortunately by the time I’d formed the perfect “cousin buddy” friendship with my cousin (Donna)…my aunt and uncle moved across the country due to my uncle’s job transfer 😦

    Donna ended up joining the military after college (about 100 years ago…just like me lol) When she retired from the military she and her family stayed in Spain. This worked out great for she and I.

    I worked overseas for 30 years…and it made it easier to have some R&R in Europe than it was to go all the way back to the USA each time I had a furlough. (with the exception of campaign and election times…those I spent in the USA)

    Great site!

    Kindest Regards,


  2. 1 of trifecta

    haha, exactly what cousin flaunts this in your face?? 😉

  3. 1 of trifecta

    unfortunately rules dont apply, there is a triplet, or as they like to call it…trifecta.

  4. 1 of trifecta

    why yes, i believe it does!

  5. 1 of trifecta

    tell that to the trifecta

  6. No such thing as a trifect. Sounds like a disease.

  7. 1 of trifecta

    it is. the disease where one cousin buddy grows a lump and turns into a trifecta

  8. 1 of trifecta

    im sorry but the lump is impossible to get removed. it becomes too attached….hahaha

  9. eww….trifecta cuzin you are dirty and GROSS

  10. 1 of trifecta

    me???? what are you talking about. i am not dirty OR gross

  11. Trifecta: You ARE dirty…you never bathe….and you look funny! 🙂

  12. 1 of trifecta

    not true i just took a shower last night and i will be in……well a couple hours

  13. You are stinky. I can smell you from here! 🙂
    So, you buying my ticket for the fam reunion?

  14. 1 of trifecta

    im not gonna pay for your ticket im poor!!!!!!
    but you and rachel and sarah better come! oh and i suppose “hubby” can come……;)

  15. 1 of trifecta


  16. ummmm I am poorer….eh we shall see we all MIGHT come if it sounds “cool” but who knows…. 😉

  17. 1 of trifecta

    “cool??” isnt it automatically cool if im involved???

  18. Cuzin: are you cool? I didn’t know…

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