Flying Fun…


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to fly…or used to that is. The airlines used to be so fun—movies, drinks, friendly people—what more could you ask for? Now flying is not what it used to be. I mean, I just flew this past May, but each time I do there are more and more changes. On the way to Elmira, we flew US Airways. There was a movie on the way (woo hoo I thought) but due to the circumstance of our trip, I fell asleep and did not watch it. I warned the parents to grab drinks because I knew everything costs now even if you just want water! I mean, heck, how much do I love hubby? I bought him a $4 dollar coke in the airport! (I know, I am an amazing wife). And of course you have to pay to get your luggage there as well, and if you are over 50 pounds, that will be another $50 bucks, please.

On the way there, we did not have seats together and the flight was jam-packed! Meanwhile hubby places his jacket in the overhead compartment. While a lady starts screeching at him: “You are not ALLOWED to put jackets there! It is tight enough!” She then makes some snide comment to me, before she realizes she is in the wrong seat and has to move back to sit next to him…”guess you are stuck with me” she mumbles! I smile politely and whisper to hubby “Welcome back to the East Coast, baby!” Here come the attitudes! So, here I am squished between two large people trying to get my head comfortable so that I can fall asleep on my pull out tray. When I glance over at hubby and see that he is even more squished by a guy that clearly cannot get the armrest down….FUN times!

On the way back to AZ from Elmira, we discover our suitcase just made the $15 dollar bag fee with a weight of 49.5 pounds…that was a close one! Then we get on the plane and I realize I am starving……but low and behold I have no cash to get a $5 snack pack and a $2 dollar drink. Then we hear the magical message over the speaker: “Hello Ladies and Gentleman, for your dining pleasure we will be testing out our new point of sale instrument for you to be able to purchase food or drink!” Woo hoo, I now have the pleasure of spending $14 dollars in crappy plane food! What more could I ask for?

Meanwhile, we have been waiting and waiting for the plane to start the in-flight movies (I mean this is a 5 hour flight). Finally the stewardess comes by and hubby asks “Excuse me maam, do you know if they will show a movie?” To which she replies: “Oh, sorry, yesterday they pulled out all the video/audio equipment because it was too costly!”

And that, my friends, is the joy of flying.

P.S. Don’t even get me started on going through the security checkpoint with family and tons of salvaged goods….that is a whole other blog.


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