The Unlikely Pet


I know my sisters are weird, but this takes the cake. Sorry, Sar, the blog isn’t about you today. I know, I know, watch my ratings drop….

So, Rae has been missing her cat a lot—who is at home in Havasu. She has adopted a new pet. Her name is Charlotte. I will let you guess what she is: She weaves webs. Yes, she is a spider. But, not just any spider, she is a black widow spider we found in the garage. I think Rae goes out to the garage to talk with her and I think Charlotte gives her advice. She says she can relate to her.

I guess Rae is waiting for her boyfriend to become her husband because then she can eat him. Sorry, Ren…I guess that is how she relates.

Maybe every girl should have a pet widow? I am sure the advice is to die for!



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3 responses to “The Unlikely Pet

  1. Matt

    Aren’t you supposed to kill these things when you find them around your property? They could bite Steven! Or worse, one of your beloved animals!

  2. Remember when you saw your first one??!! It is Rae’s new pet, but sadly she was moved from the garage this weekend and given a new home….no worries she is still alive….just not in our garage! She is famous now!

  3. 1 of trifecta

    yep, got a better offer and packed up her stuff and went off to hollywood

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