End of my Rope…

rope_by_matt_westI have heard that bad things happen in three’s…..so I think I should be about done now. Yesterday my car was broken….and it just about put me over the edge. I feel like I can’t win lately and no matter how hard I try to have a positive outlook, something always happens to alter it. What is going on lately? I just can’t seem to get ahead at all.

I am hoping that the string of bad luck will end soon or else I think I will let Rae’s new pet, Charlotte eat me. Here’s hoping. Here is too the end of my bad luck……or a tasty lunch for Charlotte!



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3 responses to “End of my Rope…

  1. i had 4 long months of bad luck. i am hoping it’s over but i’m afraid to be too optimistic!

  2. Sarah

    At least you got a nice relaxing day of work at home yesterday out of it…There’s your positive spin on it 😉

  3. Relaxing, working at home……I suppose…:P
    Don’t be jealous

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