Alms for the poor…

yaleSo,  over the weekend we got a letter asking us to donate to Yale University (mind you, hubby has approximately been out of grad school…maybe 6 months now—but who is counting?). It made me laugh out loud when I saw it! I mean, mind you I would LOVE to have gobs of money to donate to different things, but since we have yet to embark on the road of the rich and famous…this letter came as a surprise. I mean we sweated, starved, and ate a lot of PB&J and what did they say to us: live cheaper and you shouldn’t have pets….i.e. never mind the fact that CT is one of the MOST expensive places to live.

Right, please let me donate to you, Yale, meanwhile we only have $2.01 in our joint account after paying all the bills this month. So, what did I do? I showed the letter to hubby. He laughed out loud too! He suggested we send it back and write in Sharpie…”I will donate to you…..if you pay my tuition bill.” I am thinking of trying that….but I don’t think it will do any good….perhaps we should show them a picture of the money and a picture of the tuition bill, kinda like you pay this, then you get this….

Oh well, just the same it did give us both a good laugh and at least they gave us about 6 months before they started asking/begging….I guess that is enough time to get re-established in the real world…..right? I mean sure maybe in a perfect, rich world….maybe I will just send Charlotte up there to bite them…..



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7 responses to “Alms for the poor…

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. And yes, I had to laugh at this, too. A whole 6 months before they started asking for money? wow… lol

  2. whooopsiedaisy

    It’s sad that it’s soo funny .. Yale asking for money … I felt the same way when stocks went crashing down and we got a letter from one of the candidates asking us to donate money for his campaign!!!

  3. silentorchestra

    Haha. I would totally send them that letter – and include the ‘no money’ sign.

  4. paintedpants

    Yeah, it is amazing how quick Yale is with the “We need your money” mail. At one point, Aaron had to call the university to see why he still hadn’t received his diploma and they said they didn’t have our address. Funny how the people asking for cash seemed to know where we were living!

  5. I think your idea about the sharpie and tuition payment is a good one. Tell them in exchange for paid tuition you will give them between $20 and $27 per year. Just enough to secure an alum sticker for your vehicle. When I completed grad school I was asked (everyone was) to give the alumni association my library and electronic lab fees that they had been collecting from me each semester. A deposit…who knew. I asked how much and it was like $500. I said NO WAY and made them refund the money to me. I was confused as to how they took this from me as a deposit without my knowing. All rolled into the fees I guess.

  6. My husband works for the office of annual giving and alumni relations at Johns Hopkins. They ALL start asking for money after about six months. And it’s crazy what kind of tools they have for tracking people down. My poor husband was in charge of arranging the faculty/staff solicitation. Yeah, Hopkins asks their underpaid staff to donate money back to their employer! He said they sometimes get some very nasty phone calls and emails, along with people taping a penny to the request card and mailing that in.

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