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The Joys of Parking and Transit People at a University

owlOh, the joys of going to the Parking and Transit Office. How are those people so dumb? Is it part of the qualifications to act like you cannot comprehend people and to be mean? I have visited this office now 2 times in basically one week, not because I ENJOY it (I know surprising right…cause who doesn’t enjoy a good ol Parking and Transit office), but because the parking pass that I am paying millions of hard earned dollars on refuses to work….EVER. And I am tired of paying for something that doesn’t work!

So, I march myself over to the office after nearly ramming down the gate to get in! I get there and see the same lady as last week. I tell her my pass doesn’t work STILL (I emphasize). She looks at me like I am a complete moron (chomps on her gum) and says “Are you sure you are using it correctly? Did you try this…did you do it this way?” To which I declare….”I have tried it every which way! I have gotten out of my car…I have backed up….I have screamed at the card and then the gate…nothing does it, can I just have one that works!”

She looks at me like I am lying and says…well you just got a new one last week! And I reply I know! I was hoping it would work this time! She then says she might have to have someone walk me back to the gate to see if I am using it properly….to which I say “That would be great! Then I can SHOW you how it doesn’t work.” But instead she fills out the paperwork, rolls her eyes, chomps on some gum and then begrudgingly hands me over a new pass, only this time she includes a small sheet of directions on how to use the parking pass—so I can troubleshoot she says. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LADY? I hope she gets a nice piece of coal in her stocking for Christmas!

AAAAah you gotta love working for a university!


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