Daily Archives: November 17, 2008

Skinny Jeans

jeansI cleaned the house on Sunday…along with some help.

Me to Hubby: Can you bring me a bag to put all these give away clothes together?

Hubby bringing bag: Don’t throw those jeans in there!

Me: Why they were in the pile?

Hubby: Because those are my skinny jeans…..I am going to get back in them!

Me: Do boys have skinny jeans? I am going to do a blog about this….

Hubby: You cannot blog about this UNLESS you say how I am exercising!

Me: 3 pushups a night does not count as “exercising”


Mind you we then watched Supersize me this afternoon. I am never eating again….so maybe someday I can get in my skinny jeans too! See Hubby, I barely made fun of your skinny jeans…Love ya!


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