Woman Cave!

Lately hubby has been talking about how much he wants his own “man cave” when we buy our first house (which hopefully will be happening in the next year). I told him he is more than welcome to have his own man cave…with whatever he wants in there on one condition….

Hubby: I want a man cave……I want it to have big TVs with recliners and toys.

Me (unfazed): That is fine, as soon as you buy me a house, you can have your man cave. But, I want a woman cave!

Hubby: What is in a “woman cave?”

Me: Remember how we went to go see James Bond this past weekend? Well, M had a perfect woman cave. Mine will be like that! It will have a large Jacuzzi Bathtub with a large TV on the wall with lotions and potions and a maid! And you can come in and serve me chocolate Strawberries…on a tray! 🙂

Did you hear that, Santa? Put that on your list! 




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13 responses to “Woman Cave!

  1. Mo

    Boy, that sounds like heaven. We just remodeled our kitchen, but once we recover from that and save up, I want to redo our bathroom. Big ‘ole jacuzzi tub, with a place to rest my wine glass, two shower heads, one on each side, warm towels.

    A man servant who gently waves palm fronds to keep me cool wouldn’t be so bad either!

  2. “Man Cave” was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at http://www.themantuary.com

    Be A Man.

    – The Founding Father

  3. Woman cave! No, no, no.
    The woman’s place is outside the man’s cave, crouch over the pot steaming on the fire. Now isn’t that enough.


  4. Yesbuts, you are so confused!

  5. You go, girl. Get that woman cave. Heck, it doesn’t sound like a place I’d mind spending time.

    … Mmmm, chocolate strawberries ….

  6. deek1973

    Do you need a ‘housesitter’?

  7. mckinneyoatescereal

    I am loving this idea of a woman cave!

    When Mark and I got married I just moved into his house, and the only room I’ve been able to “girl-ify” is the bathroom. And by girlify I mean I added flowers and soap 🙂

    I’ll have to propose this idea of adding a big screen tv and jacuzzi tub…

  8. Anything you don’t have to clean counts as a man-cave for most men. As for woman-cave … well I’m stubbornly resisting the Freudian interpretation.

  9. Girl Reporter

    The whole house outside of the man cave *IS* the woman cave. No?

  10. GR-not if you have to MAINTAIN it…no I prefer a little oasis if you will.

  11. Personally, I want to live in an actual cave. The rent has to be pretty reasonable on those things.

  12. Melanie

    I would totally love a woman cave… only I hope mine has a lap pool in it. 🙂

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