The Bad Influence


Since moving to AZ, Patches Phoenix (the dog) has found her lover (her cousin Sydney). Well, we think they like each other a lot since they are constantly licking inside each other’s mouths. Not that we mind…..but sometimes you shouldn’t be that forthright—in front of the parents. Now Sydney is a lab (you can read all about her in her blog called: After Dinner Entertainment: Priceless).

If you’ve ever read Marley and Me, that is Sydney. She is a lab, but definitely has some issues. You cannot leave out flip flops, sometimes she mistakes carpets for bathrooms, and she also is TOY CRAZY. She enjoys taking out all her toys and leaving them EVERYWHERE. And I mean after she has come over….I will find toys hidden in the weirdest spots DAYS later. So, what I am getting at is that Patches is impressionable. She has always been pretty clean and low key…her downfall is whining….and I mean CONSTANT whining…if you are not touching her constantly then she is whining. But for the most part she has always been well-behaved, non-messy, and cute. Until now…..

Sydney has taught Patches the art of TOY Chaos. Now I sometimes come home to toys strewn about the living room, as terror grips my heart…. WHAT? I hate picking up toys! She has also taught Patches how to tear the toys up….first take off their eyes, then slit their throats, then pull out all the stuffing and toss it about the house? What is this world coming too?

What is happening to my good dog (ok my semi-good dog)? She used to be so good, she used to clean up her toys…..what a bad influence cousins are!



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8 responses to “The Bad Influence

  1. Sarah

    Sydney is keeping Pooh young! You can thank me later 😉

  2. Aimee

    cuties. you can hug them anytime though, and they wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  3. You should get Patches a PS3. It’ll be pretty easy to clean up when she’s done.

    That looks like a fun tug-of-war, btw. Who won?

  4. 12ontheinside

    Chew off their eyes and slit their throats? Don’t go to sleep with the bedroom door open till you’re sure you’re safe! 🙂

  5. Humpty (the toy won) 🙂
    She hit them both on the heads….

  6. deek1973

    I’m kind of with C. Fraser – but I was thinking a Wii…it’s modular in design, easy to clean up and great for a diet and exercise program…:-)

  7. Matt

    Pssh…cousins are great influences!

  8. This coming from a cousin….HA MATT

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