No Betty Crocker…


So, one of my major requirements when looking for a husband was: he be able to cook, and second he be rich…..well obviously the later didn’t happen, but requirement 1 was met! It isn’t that I can’t cook, but when I do….weird things happen. I just don’t think it is meant to be. Sometimes, hubby has a brain fart lapse in memory and we have these types of discussions:

Hubby: What’s for dinner?

Me: What?! I MARRIED you because you cook, remember?

Hubby: Oh, I thought you married me because you loved me.

Me: Clearly, you are delusional.



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8 responses to “No Betty Crocker…

  1. XUP

    You would think he’d have gotten wise by now and taught you a few things in the kitchen so he wouldn’t be on call every day.

  2. Oh he tries…..but I usually burn things….. 😉

  3. Mo

    Yeah, it’s a good thing my husband is a good cook. I’d starve some days. I can cook—I’m actually a pretty good cook—but I hate to do it every. single. night. Any guy who can pitch in is a catch!

  4. I love this!
    I’m totally keeping The Boy around because he can cook. And sew. And do laundry. And change my oil.

  5. I think I’d better get a cook book … pronto ….

  6. everyonesister


  7. Melanie

    I was also lucky enough to marry a wannabe chef. 🙂 It worked out great for me because I’d rather just have take out every night. I can cook but isn’t it more fun to order from a menu?

  8. silentorchestra

    hahah hilarious!

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