The Rules Continued


We all were sitting around talking when I smelled it….sniff, sniff….the foul smell of dirty cat litter came wafting through my nose. YUCK. I can’t explain it, but there is something about this smell that just makes me want to gag. And I have smelled a lot of foul smells (namely the ones that come out of the bathroom after Hubby has been in there—but that is another blog), but nothing compares to dirty cat litter. We have two cats and a really cool Kitty Hut, which Hubby built for the cats with a ledge for them to step on ( see pic below).  So, usually the smells are enclosed. But the other night….whooo the smell was bad.

Me (screaming excitedly): NOT IT! NOT IT! NOT IT!

Hubby: What are you even talking about? You are crazy!

Me: The cat litter, I don’t want to clean it…you have too! I said NOT it…you know, it is in the rules! Remember, last one to call it has to clean up? (I shouldn’t have to remind him…he knows THE RULES).

Hubby (rolling his eyes): That doesn’t count! It only counts on cat vomit. (See Previous Post:

Me: No it does not! It counts on everything.

Obviously, Hubby and I need to go back to the marriage contract, where I can SHOW him…he will need to re-read the fine print and the NOT IT RULE. There are no surprises, he knows the rules, I mean geez we have been married for a long time now…he was just jealous that he didn’t remember to proclaim them first! Rules are rules—and I am sticking to them. NOT IT, Hubby! NOT IT, NOT IT, NOT IT!

Isn’t he lucky to have me? I think so!

Below is Kitty Hut…in all it’s glory….




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18 responses to “The Rules Continued

  1. That is a fine kitty hut. I used to build furniture, a lifetime ago. I can still smell the sawdust.

    But not the cat box. Pew. 😉

  2. Marie

    I am so lucky that I can’t smell anything.

    And that kitty hut is genius!

  3. I like the hut! When I have my kitty back, I want to get something just as cool!

  4. deek1973

    Loving the ‘kitty hut’! So, how did it end? Who cleaned the lb?

    One other thing…I so get you when it comes to the whole smell and gag thing…I have to suit up to clean the box…I literally use one of those high density dusk masks and gloves when it’s my turn…otherwise I’d also have to clean up ‘chainrepuke’ (chain reaction puke).

    Showing support for your rule

  5. Hey guys,
    Thanks for your support….deek—who do you think won?
    I told Hubby he should go into Kitty Hut making business!

  6. OK… so it’s blog entries like this that’s getting this site on my blogroll.

  7. I don’t have cats, I have a dog. If I had a cat though I would certainly like one of these huts. Very discreet and clean looking. Great idea!

  8. Sarah

    You’re ridiculous with your Christmas decor all up already…ugh

  9. silentorchestra

    Oh my god I LOVE your kitty hut!! What a great idea.
    I hear ya about that smell… I tried giving my cats some expensive organic food once, and as good as it was for them, the smell… oh the smell… literally woke me up at night. Ugh.

  10. i get this completely…we have our cats trained to go outside….very little of the aforementioned smell wafting through the house UNLESS it’s cold…luckily we live in florida…i’m thinking of implementing the NOT IT RULE at my home and using it on numerous things…would that be considered NOT IT gluttony?

  11. AWESOME then I am totally guilty of NOT IT gluttony….but maybe I can get therapy for it! OR NOT!

  12. Noreen

    The kitty hut is COOL and I have to agree with the “Not it” rule. It’s such a given; I’m surprised he challenged it. It’s like calling shotgun.

  13. jmlc

    Ohhhhh. We use the NOT IT rule in our house. It also involves touching your finger to your nose as you say it. And often it goes like this:
    Me: (walking into room, finger on my nose) NOT IT to get the laundry!!
    Husband: (turning to face me with his finger on the way to his nose) Damnit! Why don’t I ever remember to do it first?!?!
    (we also fight over who has to change the cat litter. it’s yuck-o.)

  14. jamiebatts

    you won i am sure!!!

  15. hahahahah great blog…women have women caves they are called the kitchen ….NO NO just kidding just playing…great the pics of the cats…Zman sends

  16. Jennie

    OMG! You are living my life! That is the same story at our house like every day. I always claim that I don’t have to pick up the dog poop in the bag because I scoop the cat poop. I figure I’m getting off lucky because the dog poop is all hot and steamy after exit… the cat poop is nice and clumpy!

  17. iambrowneyedgirl

    kitty hut = genius!!!

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