The Evil pets….

ponyup_thetruthaboutcatsanddogsThe pets are evil. I don’t know what their deal is….but the one time we can sleep in is on the weekends they REFUSE to let us. I think they are a tagteam. I can actually hear their conversations:

Americus (the LOUDEST, MEOWING cat you will ever meet): Ok, everyone here is the plan. I will go into the room and start meowing at 4 AM. Just to get it started. If either of you see any movement…and I MEAN ANY then pounce, whine, do whatever you have to do to get them up.

Boston (the stand on you so you can’t breathe cat and licker of eyelids): Ok, but if that doesn’t work then I will chase you around the house, Americus and pounce on you until you scream…thus causing Patches to bark and go crazy and wake the whole house up!

Patches (the dog and eternal whiner): Sounds good, but if either of those don’t work I will just whine and whine and whine you know Mommy can’t stand that! Or maybe I will poke her with my long nose.

Time: Early in the morning…still dark outside. Probably 4am.

Mission: Accomplished

Me: Awake now ……..guess where all the pets are…..oh yea, they are all asleep right here beside me as I type! EVIL Tagteam!


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12 responses to “The Evil pets….

  1. Ah yes, the eternal sunshine of having pets! So worth it though. Always worth it :).

  2. This is why I use to occasionally wake my dog up during the day. I’d say, “take that!” and walk away. She’d just look at me like WTF?!

  3. bipolarlife—good advice…I need to start doing that!

  4. I believe your pets were using telepathy to contact my cat and give her directions at 3 am. There may be a world wide conspiracy! LOL

  5. delaney55

    Yes! I had that experience this morning myself except it was Marvin (cat) wanting his breakfast which my Hubby has gotten him used to receiving in early morning hours. Freddie (dog) is more like me and loves to sleep but he decided breakfast sounded good. They all got up and pets got food, I tried to go back to sleep, then Hubby stayed up, Marvin is terrorizing the room and Freddie went back to bed with me. Pets…can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

  6. My little dog must know your pets because they have the same playbook. All is great during the day but late at night or early morning they need to be up….I like Bipolar’s plan I am going to start doing that…Zman sends

  7. deek1973

    gbu2 – i hate to add to your fears, but as a recent survivor of a stealth cat life sucked out of me while peacefully slept incident, the only weapon that works in this little battle is to wear them out during the day.

    but know this…they’re never going to stop…you’ve got to be stronger and smarter…good luck and godspeed soldier.

  8. S&S

    That is just sooo funny. LOL!

  9. lifestartsnow

    oh wait, i feel like i know your pets! my roomie’s cat’s called Klara and Klara is diva-licious, preferably at 3am. oh and the cat litter story of yours…history repeating!


  10. themacdoodle

    Garfield would be proud!

  11. Jennie

    LOL. With two cats and a dog myself, i know how this feels. And it’s not fun!

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