When a Man Loves a Woman…

This is an actual texting conversation between me and Hubby today:

Me: Dinner?

Hubby: yes please!


And, my friend WTF (check out his blog called WTF–from my blogroll) accuses me of NOT IT gluttony….. :)Perhaps he is right! But, then again he is a blogaholic! So that is like calling the kettle black, right?


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7 responses to “When a Man Loves a Woman…

  1. sometimes being bad just feels so good…

  2. thanks for the mention by the way…

  3. Your blog is laugh out loud funny.
    Thanks for the giggles.


  4. I love blogging but HATE texting. Is that normal?

  5. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I bet the desert has some downright beautiful cold nighttime weather. Lucky.

    Love the “Not It.” I haven’t played that since my brother and I lived under the same roof. How dumb am I that I’ve never thought of using it as a grown up? {Wicked laugh} can not wait to use it at Thanksgiving…so totally not wanting to do the clean up duty.

  6. I like this NOT IT rule. We’ll have to implement it in my house. If I can remember to write it down.

  7. lifestartsnow

    hehe, i’ll keep the not it-clause in mind for my marriage contract. like it! a lot!!

    thx for the comment on my blog! keep on reading!

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