The Coupon Nazi

couponsThis weekend we did our major Thanksgiving grocery shopping and let me tell you….it was not fun. However, we did do our homework and research because Frys Grocery Store is accepting competitors coupons, so we had to maximize our grocery shopping! We researched and cut millions of coupons…and saved a lot of money in the meantime. Upon check out time….we had the worst time. The coupon nazi (he was young) basically wanted to re-see every item (mind you the bagger had already bagged all our items….) so he was driving us crazy. As we apologized to people in line, they were even on our side (one lady exclaimed) hey they did their homework, give them their deals!

This kid was crazy……I finallly was like you know what I am not going to unbag all of our items to prove to you I got the matching item. After much consternation, I think he finally gave in towards the end, but he was crazy dude–and slow…he was like did you get this, and this?. Personally, I didn’t see the point in fighting over a dollar off deoderant, right? I mean come on…..anyways….that was our Sunday….at least the chaos of grocery shopping is done and we are on our way to a full kitchen. Why is it that grocery shopping around the time of the holidays is so painful? And why are there coupon nazi’s? I mean if you advertise it…and we do our homework and take the time to carefully shop down each and every aisle to mazimize the purchase—then don’t hassle me OR come along and be my personal shopper!


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6 responses to “The Coupon Nazi

  1. Mo

    I did the same thing on Saturday. It would have been less painful to have a root canal. At least at our grocery store the register knows what’s been scanned so the cashier didn’t have to inspect every item, but she sure did inspect every. single. coupon. like they were counterfeit or something. I was down to my last nerve at that point, but it was worth the $25 I saved.

  2. yeah, thanks for dropping by my site.

    Have a good day ahead.

  3. Of course, this WOULD happen right when everyone else was also doing holiday shopping, right? I mean, there are never any super-slow clerks or coupon-nazis [as you call them haha] when there aren’t people behind you in line. No, they always are there at the most pressured and wrong time.

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  5. silentorchestra

    Stupid coupon nazis. I mean, why would you go through the trouble to do all of that work if you didn’t want to reap in the rewards? Do people actually go in there with handmade, crayon drawn coupons and try to rip them off? Maybe being a coupon nazi is all the power the store clerk has? Bastards!

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