T-Day Freak Outs…


This weekend I sorta, kinda, without-telling him volunteered Hubby to smoke a Thanksgiving bird, along with cooking the traditional bird too. Now I know what you are thinking….WHAT?!

 And I think Hubby felt the same way, but you see the thing is… is that he LOVES to cook for people…the more the merrier and I love that he loves to cook for me and everyone else. (Plus I am a bit biased and think his cooking is phenomenal!)

So, I totally thought he would be up for the challenge and I think he still is after he got over the initial shock factor…. J
It isn’t that he doesn’t want to smoke a bird, he just gets nervous because it is one of those things he hasn’t smoked just yet (and he likes things to come out perfect) and he has to prep the other one and do his famous sides…now I am not much of a cook, but I can help with the side preparations (hopefully)…he does get a little territorial in the kitchen.  We are having my sisters, potentially one of our parents, and my sister’s in-laws come to our house. So we pretty much will have a full house….9-10 people.

I think it should be pretty fun, however yesterday the reality of cleaning and cooking set in. So not only was hubby starting to freak out….but then I started my cleaning freak out (trust me it isn’t pretty). I don’t know why I get this way…..but I am an obsessive cleaner…I can’t help it (it might be a disease). So between my cleaning freak outs and Hubby’s food freak outs…Wednesday night and Thursday morning should be an exciting time at our house!  (Usually one of is calm, therefore, slapping the other back to reality , yup sometimes a good slap does a Hubby good—don’t quite know how it will work out if we BOTH are freaking out…..well one of us might end up on the TV show Snapped). If you see a lapse in blog postings readers, you will know that either:

 1. I am dead or

2.  I am in jail for killing Hubby or

3.  I set the house on fire trying to help and my computer burned with it.


I am hoping my Thursday morning rum-filled crepes will calm Hubby’s nerves…if not I will be forcing him to drink all day….which won’t be too hard.

Maker’s and coke here we come!



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10 responses to “T-Day Freak Outs…

  1. Hahaha… don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound like my mom. She’s OCD about cleaning… and dad always has to cook.

  2. deek1973

    please DO NOT do anything that will make you stop blogging…i’ve come to appreciate this site more than CNN…i have a ritual and if you upset it, the balance of the world will be thrown off…please, whatever you do remain in tact, don’t go to jail and don’t start any fires.

  3. smallpants

    I like the tee that says sleep was last night. or something. 🙂 i prefer the type tees.

  4. deek—i will do my best, no promises…but i don’t want to throw off your balance…. 😉

  5. I guess I should be ironically thankful that we don’t have Thanksgiving here? Seems like a hell-of-a-lot-of work!
    Good luck, don’t kill Hubby! Then you’ll have to deal with cops and the whole dinner will be ruined anyway, and that would be sad.

  6. silentorchestra

    Mmmmm rum filled crepes?! So. Good.
    Good luck with your turkey day! It will all work out 🙂 Excuse me while I go find some food – this post made my stomach growl!

  7. Sarah

    I thought I was making the crepes…well you can do it all 😉 I’m fine with that.

  8. rethoryke

    So far we haven’t had freaking out, but we have had at least one instance of experimental recipe failure [the good news being “we didn’t serve it to anyone other than ourselves, and know not to attempt this item ever again”].

    Good luck with the birds!

  9. Matt

    no no you stay out of the kitchen! we all know how that turns out, just ask the grapes…

  10. Great post, LOL. I’m trying not to freak about the cleaning/cooking factor. I love to cook, hate to clean. So I sit here with my coffee fretting over which to do first. Thankfully our company tomorrow is a family of near and dear friends who would understand if I answered the door in my pajamas, with cat hair swirling at my feet and handed them tuna sandwiches, LOL. 😀

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