The Kewl Texter


Recently I spent some time with the entire family and I taught my Uncle how to text. I don’t know what is with these OP’s (old people—but being a nice niece…I fell for it) they think they want to be so cool and learn technology, so I fell into the trap. Here is what happened:

Uncle (exclaiming): I just learned to text; text me anything! I am so cool!

Me (texting): K

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Me (texting back…even though I was in close proximity): short 4 ok

Uncle (texting): k!

Uncle (more texting): Hi. BTW how r u?

Me (texting faster than him): wow, impressive….ttyl

Uncle (yet again…texting): what does that mean? K!

Me (not texting): sigh

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Uncle (another text): k!

Now, I get these random texts all the time, can you guess what they say?

Uncle (random text at 6am): k!

After talking with my cousin (his son) he told me: NEVER, NEVER teach him any technology…..or you will regret it! HA HA! (That is why his own sons don’t teach him….isn’t that right, Matt?)

I am starting to understand this now. That is what I get for being so willing to share technology!



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8 responses to “The Kewl Texter

  1. bloggingmom67

    Sounds like me trying to explain facebook to my mom. She has been on facebook for six months but cannot figure out even the simplest thing on her own — like how to write on one’s wall or how to reply to a message.

    She’ll say to me: “When you get a chance, can you show me how to upload a picture.” (I’m in NY; she’s in Florida, so this has to be done painstakingly over the phone.)

    It has made me wonder on occasion how she didn’t end up accidentally killing me and my two sibs when we were growing up.

  2. Matt

    haha yeah…jokes on you!

  3. Thank god my mom is super slow at texting, or she would be doing exactly what your uncle is doing…

    The thing is, I don’t even text with the shortcuts, I just text words – and then I need to see my mom, a writer/editor, sending me a text that says “ttyl k? luv u, x x” and I cringe.

  4. 12ontheinside

    I gave my mum a mobile for her birthday. I sent her a couple of text messages. She said she never got the message. Later I found out she heard the phone beep to signify she got a message and rang the voice mail number, all confused when there was no message there.

  5. silentorchestra

    hahaha that’s hilarious, k!

  6. 1 of trifecta

    you forgot to mention he has a beautiful daughter

  7. 1 of trifecta


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