Chore Wars

war1I created the T-Day chore list and this was our conversation a few nights ago (luckily I haven’t killed Hubby yet…I still need him to make the turkeys):

Me: Do you want to sweep or mop?

Hubby: Neither

Me: That is NOT an option.

Hubby: Neither

Me: I am going to stab your eye out.

Hubby: So what. I hate your chore list.

Me: I hate you. (Well, not really…but it sounded good in the heat of chore wars)

And the chore war begins, may the best person win. To Be Continued….



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7 responses to “Chore Wars

  1. What? The “not it” stuff doesn’t work 24 hours pre-major holidays?

    LOL, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. hahaha… that’s gonna be me and my soon to be wife… only we’ll be worse, probably.

  3. Tookshire–not it only works when I declare it! 🙂

  4. Here’s hoping your TG gets better. 😀 Have a happy one!

  5. LOL It totally cracks me up that we both theaten our husbands with violence on Thanksgiving!

  6. I like how you didn’t even give an option. Hilarious!

  7. Jennie

    LOL! I like the stabbing threat. Nothing makes a tense conversation funnier than bursting into laughter after some ridiculous threat like that — unless, of course, you were being serious…???!

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