Dinner Prayers


We all got together for a beautiful Thanksgiving Spread. Lots of food, lots of fun, and lots of unbuttoned top buttons. One successful and juicy smoked turkey and another oven roasted turkey….all and all successful. No killings, no burning the house down and Hubby still loves me…..I call that successful!

We all sat down to the yummy dinner. Alan (Sar’s hubby) offered thanks for a wonderful dinner. Only we all had to hold hands….I know…eww cooties.

Alan: Thanks for the wonderful food and a great time with the family.

Me (under my breath): ewww Rae! Your hands are gross! (She has hands that feel like reptile skin…I think she is half alligator)

Alan: Amen

Rae (practically shouting after Alan’s amen): You WHORE.

Hubby: How nice, shouting WHORE after the dinner prayer!

Gotta love the fam! 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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9 responses to “Dinner Prayers

  1. rae

    you are a whore. make me feel bad about my hands. they are perfectly normal. unlike your abnormally huge buttocks lol. hate you.

    gotta love family love.

  2. YOU are just JEALOUS! A big butt is better than weird scaly hands AND a weird tongue!

  3. rae

    whatev. i’m rubber you are glue everything bounces of me and sticks on to you. rude hooker.

  4. I am glad you didn’t burn your place down. A small flame arose off my stove while I burned the gravy but I was prepared and quickly put it out. Last year I caught the grass outside on fire while trying to deep fry easter eggs. Those deep fryers are dangerous. Sounds like you had a nice time and no one got injured. Good job!

  5. hahaha….you two make me feel at home….

  6. Tim

    OMG! My only regret is that I wasn’t seated at your table to witness this. Especially the ‘state the obvious’ statement by your hubby. Good times, good memories.

  7. silentorchestra

    haha that’s awesome. Sounds like a day in the life of my fam. Glad your dinner worked out well!

  8. Sounds like my kinda Thanksgiving!

  9. stellababette

    LOL! You have no idea how much I needed this. Too funny. Too, too funny.

    Keep it up.

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