We survived…


Hubby and I decided to go out for a quick look-see on Black Friday. Yea, we are crazy….but we survived. No major bruises, scrapes, or tramplings. However, I did talk with people and apparently some people had been in lines for stuff starting at 6pm on Wednesday! WHO DOES THAT? That means they MISSED Thanksgiving! (I cannot even comprehend this) There is one term for that…. CRAZY!

I, like everyone else, can drool over a good sale, but people these are just things….I can’t believe people get killed, fight, and trample for these items. I guess I will never understand it, but is it worth missing stuffing and turkey over? Heck, no! In my opinion that is just plain INSANITY! That is….unless you have a death wish….if so, I suppose it could be a way to make the headlines. (Again, CRAZY!)



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5 responses to “We survived…

  1. You couldn’t pay me to venture out on that day. Glad you made it home safely.

  2. silentorchestra

    hahah. I would never, ever, ever, choose a sale over food… ever!

  3. Love that game plan up there…ROFL!

    We were in a rented car on our way to Monterey, CA…but hit stopped traffic on 680 at the off-ramps to the Gilroy Outlet Mall. Good Grief.

    Just let me get to the beach and you all can keep your early morning…all day…shopping madness.

  4. Glad you made it out with your scalp. Black Friday shopping is nuts.

  5. My rule: I don’t go anywhere near a mall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

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