Life as I know it, at work…

I think it might be a conspiracy against me, but the crazy people are still after me! Why can’t I escape them? What odor am I emitting (ok, don’t answer that)? I can’t seem to escape them. Yesterday, I was at work, talking with a co-worker. A lady comes into my area and asks to use one of the computers. Sure, no problem I say and I go straight back to work. Then the lady shouts (she seems to be flustered and I am literally 2 feet away—no need for shouting) this computer is broken! I can’t get it to turn on!

The look on my face must have said it all because I look at her (astonished). It helps if you press the large round button below the desktop to power it on.  To which she replies. Oh, I see, I am not used to desktop computers.

 Is this conversation really happening? Why are the Crazies following me everywhere I go?




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8 responses to “Life as I know it, at work…

  1. Gina

    I love your blog!

  2. Wow. Talk about technologically challenged >.<

  3. rachellutterman

    LOL! That’s classic. That is right up there with me attempting to set my Grandma up with email. I was explaining how to do an attachment and she replied, ” But where do we put the paper and how do we get it inside the computer?”

    At least my Grandma is cute. I would have just smacked the other lady! LOL. Oh and thanks for the comment BTW. Great blog!

  4. egyirba

    That was hilarious!

  5. deek1973

    See…this is why we get along so well…I’ve learned that it’s not an odor, it’s a radio wave that you’re putting out.

    The waves air on KRZY and only crazy people get reception…don’t despair, it’s not your fault…I think it’s genetic. ; )

  6. silentorchestra

    ahhhhahaha. okay, I thought someone asking how to dim their screen after they have been using that specific computer for over a year was bad… touche!

  7. C.A.Margonper

    😀 😀 😀




  8. I feel so tech savvy after hearing that. I can’t believe people are still so confused by computers

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