My (Guilty) Little Secret

So, I have a confession and while I may lose some readers after this confession, I have to be honest. But, just remember…everyone has their flaws, faithful readers and promoters (WTF and Swimming In My Head… —check is in the mail), so before you can judge me I will come clean!

I am a Britney FANATIC. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her music. I can’t help it. And I am SO SUPER excited about her new CD (HINT HINT HUBBY)! I have been a Britney fan for longer than I can remember….her music always made me want to dance and go clubbing! I would play her everywhere…in my room, in the car, at our wedding (don’t remind hubby…he didn’t want ANY part of that) at the Yale Christmas parties (it was the only way they could get me to dance in the cage…don’t ask) and everywhere! She was my favorite and she always could make me happy! But, after awhile Britney faded from the scene and thus I lost my inner “want to dance” desire. But, lo and behold SHE IS BACK! And Stronger (no pun intended) than ever! I am so excited for this new CD and as soon as I get it will listen to it over and over and over and over.

BTW, did I mention we have a 14 hour drive to San Antonio, TX in the plans for Christmas….guess Britney can help get us there! WOO HOO. Yea, for Britney’s comeback…I have missed her so!

Secretly, I think Hubby has too! britney



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11 responses to “My (Guilty) Little Secret

  1. Update: guess what Hubby brought home for me! Dancing on the tables here I come….

  2. We all have our guilty pleasures! I grew up on Britney, I mean, I’ve got her first two albums on CASSETTE TAPES. Because when I was eight or nine they were cheaper so I could buy both tapes for the price of one CD!

    Half her newer stuff drives me insane, but some is really good dance music, I agree. Don’t break the tables, and enjoy!

  3. deek1973

    No respect lost whatsoever and am quite proud of you for being able to so bravely deliver your message ; )

    I got the check b4 this post came out, so all of you other readers will be happy to know that I’m Swimming in My Head, and I endorse this message.

  4. deek—thanks, I didn’t want to disappoint you! 🙂

  5. psyphial

    haha I started to read it and was like “omg what is going on”
    Now I’m trying not to laugh in class.

  6. C.A.Margonper

    I understand that guilty little pleasure of yours. I like Tokio Hotel a lot, and I don’t always admit it. 🙂

    I like Britney too.

    Actually, I’m really glad she managed to finally put some order in the caos her life became.



  7. Tim

    Both of my teenage daughters love Britney. Does that mean I should adopt you? 😉 Nice post.

  8. Hahaha… the funny thing is, I’m a Justin Timberlake fan. Not big enough to go buy one of his CDs. But when he comes on the radio, I can’t turn him off.
    My fiance finds it odd.

  9. Hooo. No judging, just lots and lots of laughing. Saw the little update – it was darned sweet of your hubby to buy the CD. Just make sure you play it in-loop the entire trip, LOL.

  10. javajune

    Go for it girl. Whatever makes you happy. Just don’t break anything. BTW what a sweet hubby or a secret Brittany fanatic. You decide.

  11. how did deek get his check before me? anyway…i also commend you on your brazen claim…my fess up to something on my i pod is “another bad creation”…i love me some “at the playground” & “aisha”…beauty is in the “ear” of the beholder…

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