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Hubby and Me: How to Keep the Fire Alive



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Britney is my Lucky Charm

I came home from work today…in a very good mood (ok, that is rare these days…I must admit). I mean what could get me down? I had played my new Britney CD all day, thus putting me in the best mood ever! Had Jersey Mikes! Even my commute was fine. The only thing I could think of wishing for was a day off from work…. and what do you know….the Britney good luck karma works…

Hubby: You got something special in the mail today!

Me: What is that?

Hubby (a little too excitedly): JURY DUTY!

Me: EWWWW, wait a minute! That means I get to miss work?! WOO HOO.

(My guess is most people would be saddened by this…but not me! I am SO EXCITED)



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