The Hate Blog

Dear Hubby,

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

This is my hate blog to you

Since you don’t do what I say!

Favors will come your way

Only when you realize who is boss….(ME)heart



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7 responses to “The Hate Blog

  1. I’m sorry … I’m still reeling from the Britney fandom thing.


  2. That’s a great poem! I may steal it and use it for my husband. He’s often in the doghouse because he forgets who is boss. 🙂

  3. No, no, you meant “slave,” not “hubby,” right?


  4. UPDATE: I think Hubby is coming around…don’t worry readers, Hubby likes my twisted humor!

  5. crazyassdan

    There is no reason to do that you have to understand that during the winter the male brain goes dorminat and can only be jump started through sex, beer, and football. Once these three things have been satisfied you will be able to hold his attention for apoximately 12.5 minutes.

  6. thanks for the advice crazyass… 😉

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