The Night of the Great Litter Crisis


Being the good wife that I am (don’t gasp in shock), I meandered around the house gathering all the trash for trash night….which included the dreaded task of cleaning the litter box. Yea, hard to believe, but you guys should be proud of me; I didn’t even shout NOT IT! So there I am sifting then dumping all the disgusting pee balls and poop logs (yea, I feel as though you need a visual) when lo and behold, I go to grab the fresh litter container…and barely anything comes out. Not even enough to cover the bottom of the litter pan. For you non-cat owners it is like someone putting back a basically empty milk container into the fridge and you go to grab a nice, refreshing glass of milk and all that is left are droplets. Yea, I know….THE AUDACITY! So, then that evil demon cat, Americus decides to take a nice pee in that barely- there litter. What is her deal? I mean whenever we clean out the litter…it is like vultures circling their prey, I don’t know what it is about my cats and fresh litter…but they will not allow it to stay fresh. It is like a cardinal sin to them. I will never understand this.

So I tell hubby to run and get some….but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without me? I don’t know where this fear of going out alone comes from….but there is no way I am getting into that car (I mean I WAS doing CHORES WITHOUT BEING ASKED—give me some props here).  So, we glare at each other…I even try the NOT IT rule. Doesn’t work. I am afraid, dear readers, Hubby is reading the blog too much and starting a revolt against this NOT IT rule. I will not be defeated by Hubby’s obstinance…..I can reign him back in with favors! ( I hope).

Anyways, we are still in crisis mode……no solutions…yet. It is a standoff of the great litter crisis. Only the strong can survive. Better call Rae to save the day.



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8 responses to “The Night of the Great Litter Crisis

  1. UPDATE: Crisis averted-Rae brings home litter–minor small poo found on carpet. Standoff to be continued…

  2. travelingcouple

    My kids always ask me, beg me really to allow them to have pets in the house. Because the house is too small for any living, moving pet I stood firm in my stand – no, pets please.

    But the truth is I once had a puppy and I loved her and she was lost to me.

    May I guest-write an article about her in your blog?

  3. ummaslam

    funny .. It’s like pulling teeth with my son to clean the litter box, yet in still he wants a house full animals…. were like the wild kingdom over here … No really we are lol 🙂

  4. Check out From their website:
    “CitiKitty leverages a cat toilet training method that has been perfected over decades. The specially designed training seat securely fits on your toilet filled with a small amount of kitty litter. Your cat naturally uses CitiKitty as its new litter box. Over a short period each of the four perforated rings are removed from the training seat thus reducing the amount of litter and enlarging the opening to the toilet allowing your cat to transition to using the toilet gradually. Once all rings are removed your cat is toilet trained!”

    We’ve got 2 cats and I’m sick of the whole litter thing too.

  5. steppingthru

    What is it with cats? I recently was given two big bags of the really nice litter that has the “crystals” in it to make it smell better when scratched. I had used up all my old cheap stuff and put this in the box and my stupid cat refuses to use the litter box now. He scratches to go outside, like a dog. Guess he has cheap taste.
    Can’t say I like the idea of the cat using the toilet either though. Not unless he could learn to flush it too!

  6. silentorchestra

    My cats do the exact same thing. Drives me insane. Good luck with your litter stand-off – unfortunately I only have myself to blame in those situations!

  7. OMG.. I totally just had this conversation with my husband. Mainly.. I’M the one who cleans out the cat boxes… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. So I told him when our cats pass on (they’re 4 and 2 so it will be awhile) I don’t want anymore cats.. litter is ever where in our house (hardwoods everywhere)… and I’m tired of stepping in it, cleaning it, smelling poo when our lazy cat won’t cover.. and he was all “OMG.. why not… cats are great.. bla bla bla”. My rebuttal ” YOU don’t clean up after them… so if you want more cats, you’ll have to take over ALL litter duties”. He said NOTHING. That’s what I thought.

  8. Katkat

    OMG! my husband is sooooooo like that, he did like washing dishes after he uses them and I hated seeing it piling up in the sink. I told him lots of time to wash them after he uses them but he did not listen. So one time I let it all pile up in the sink until everything has been used and dirty. He came home very hungry and wanted to eat something but all the dishes are dirty. He ended up washing all of them and learned his lesson the hard way. Now he washes them after eating. I was laughing while he was washing… hehehe

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