Love letters


Hubby: You are so mean…writing hate blogs to me.

Me: That was my form of a love letter to you.

Hubby: Your love letters suck! Didn’t you get that love letter I put in your lunch earlier this week. (He really did put a love letter in my lunch)

Me: Yea, I did, but that was only cause we were in a fight….

Hubby: Silence (cause he knows it is true)

I am thinking I could write a nice blog about him….but I am going to have to think hard on this one….bear with me and check back tomorrow….or the next day. We shall see what I can come up with, so I can get a good Christmas present! 🙂



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4 responses to “Love letters

  1. Make nice now … kiss and make up … . 😉

  2. steppingthru

    He put a love letter in your lunch? How wonderful is that, even if you were fighting. If Hubby put a note in anything I have I would think he was having an affair. LOL

  3. And you’re still thinking? lol

  4. silentorchestra

    LOL – how sweet is a love letter in your lunch?! I feel a cavity coming on… (and am a tee bit jealous). Mainly since, I don’t have a lunch (because I’m too lazy to make one), or a love letter… or a hubby… damn.

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