My Sister: The Blog Stalker

stalkerSo, my sister has taken up reading blogs. She doesn’t comment, she doesn’t talk to these bloggers, she just frequents the pages in stealth-like-stalker fashion. She then becomes immersed in the bloggers lives and likes to talk about them, as if she is their friend.  Watch out!

It cracks me up. I mean she is becoming a creepy  creepster! CREE.PY!She defends herself when I call her out on this stuff. But, I think secretly, she enjoys being a stalker….watch out fellow blogmates… might be next and you won’t even know it…she is sneaky!

But, I have a feeling she isn’t the only one out there…maybe she can join blog stalker’s anonymous!



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8 responses to “My Sister: The Blog Stalker

  1. Unknown

    I wish I had blog stalkers!! Maybe I’m a blog stalker. I fit the bill…

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of blog stalking. Please don’t check my IP address… Jokes, jokes 😛

  3. I have a friend who’s like this. She even does it with forums – reads through the forums but never comments.
    My friend and your sister might have fun talking :P.

  4. Jen

    I am a blog stalker. I have been reading blogs for a long time and am just now working up the guts to leave comments.

  5. Sarah

    Whatever…if people didn’t want it to be read then it wouldn’t be blogged about!

  6. deek1973

    So funny you should write this post…my sister follows your blog and a few others like they were episodes of the “Housewives”.

    She comments on mine occasionally, but has yet to comment on yours. Maybe she will now that you’ve acknowledged that there are others like her…

    So, to your sister and to my sister and all of their followers…it’s ok to be stalkers, but we know who you are… ; o

  7. i prefer to call my sister a blog hitch hiker…
    she should hook up with your sister and deek’s sister and they could start blog stalker’s anonymous except that they’d never actually comment on anything so the meetings would be really short…

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