The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Yea, so it is nearing my favorite Holiday. Not just because it is Christmas, but because it is my birthday on Christmas too! What better of a present could Mom have asked for? 🙂  (Speechless, right? No snide comments from my sisters….OR Hubby!)

Not only is it great because it is my birthday, Christmas, and I get presents. But, generally the crazy people are more tame during this time of the year (well, I suppose as long as you are not shopping)! People are generally (supposed to be) nicer and in the giving mood, my sisters have to be nice to me (MY Birthday MONTH), and we get to decorate and pick out my birthday tree while listening to  Christmas music.

So, generally my whole outlook is pretty good.  Drinking, eating and presents (in that order) what more could one ask for? 

Oh yea, no shoveling snow this year….even better! WOO HOO! (Although I do find it weird that it is December and I am still wearing short sleeves sitting outside with hubby and not even the least bit cold).

And the fun begins….


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11 responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. I used to love winter. Then I moved to IL. It’s all over, folks … autumn’s moved into first place in my heart, because winter around here stinks.

    I still love Christmas, but it’s been a while since I’ve had one as I’ve wanted. Oh well. I can still appreciate it for what it is, and recognize the season for what it means.

    Have a great month. 🙂

  2. A Christmas birthday… how fun!

  3. steppingthru

    You get a Birthday MONTH? No fair…..I’m lucky to have my hubby remember my birthDAY. You get a Birthday TREE….no fair! I am green with envy. ;=)

  4. Matt

    oh comeon…snow is fun! yeah shoveling snow maybe isnt as fun but, youre really missing out! 😉

  5. That is definitely an awesome birthday to have! You can put birthday ornaments on the tree along with the Christmas ones ^_^.

  6. Tim

    I thought people whose birthdays are on Christmas day always got short-changed on the presents!!?? I’ll bet your ‘hubby’ forks out some serious cash on Santa-day. $$$

  7. silentorchestra

    bahwhaha I love that you called it ‘your’ birthday tree. Awesome.

  8. deek1973

    Knowing that the 25th is also your birthday, just made the day even better than before! That’s awesome! You will be getting an electronic b-day card and I will work with our weather folks here to make sure that the warmth you’re having, maintains.

  9. Matt

    deek, don’t give her warmth! tell your weather people to give her SNOW!!

  10. Definitely my favorite time of the year, too! Happy early birthday and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  11. Thanks for all the bday/christmas wishes all….and matt, you evil cuzin….NO SNOW! Just cause you like it doesn’t mean I DO!

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