Naughty Cookie Parties

This weekend my sister Sar is throwing a cookie party. The Mannix girls have always had Christmas cookie parties for as long as I can remember. However, this year we are opening it up to friends. They have never been your “typical” baking parties. Well, come to think about it….me in the kitchen? SCARY! However, I can usually bake…usually.  

The parties usually consist of making some chocolate peanut butter fudge, chocolate and white covered pretzels, and of course the world famous sugar cookies with frosting. I have so many cookie cutters you wouldn’t believe it….but our favorite? The gingerbread boy and girl. Why? You ask. Well, to spice things up a bit we do have our normal competitions of who makes the best decorated cookies, but one year we got a little creative. We decided to make gingerbread boy and girl’s but the Victoria’s Secret Edition (VS). We tried to see who could get the craziest with our cut out boys and girls and the tradition has carried on. I am excited to see what kinds of VS cookies turn out this time. And don’t worry boys and girls, I will be sure to include pictures of this year’s catwalk…but until then, I will tide you over with some pictures from a cookie party a few years back in Connecticut. I give you our Victoria’s Secret cookies:

Sexy outfitted ginger people in top right corner

Sexy outfitted ginger people in top right corner

 Yea, I promise to take better pics this year!

Sexy VS ginger lady in crotchless panties in bottom left

Sexy VS ginger lady in crotchless panties in bottom left

Me tasting pre-frosting

mmmmm yummy!

mmmmm yummy!

So, now for the poll: Do you think it is cheating that my sister wants to make all the sugar cookies from a pre-bought store dough? I have gotten into several arguments with her this week, telling her there is no way I will make my Victoria Secret girls outta pre bought dough…it is just plain cheating! (And it goes against my Cookie morals). So, I will be making the dough from scratch and she will be using the store bought. But, I still consider her a Cookie Party CHEATER….what do you think?



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9 responses to “Naughty Cookie Parties

  1. Those cookies look bomb! I can’t even make top roman right.

  2. Awesome. Cookie porn … what could be better!

    You take a nice picture. Love that pose. 😉

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  4. Definitely the best cookie decoration idea I’ve heard of…can’t wait to see this year’s pictures!

  5. Tim

    Don’t make me put you girls in time-out! 😉

  6. blulady

    I make my own cookie dough for the Christmas cut-out cookies. It’s a recipe my mother used.

    In past years my kids have all come over to help decorate. That’s handy since they are no longer children!

  7. mmmm… cookies… but is that last picture what I think it is?

  8. deek1973

    still laughing about this one…wtf and i were talking today and think you should hype this year’s party up by sending out some limited release preview pics…you know, porn…i mean spice things up a bit.

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