It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I twisted Hubby’s arm tonight and made him take me out to find my special, tall, huge, pine-smelling, as big as possible, most perfect birthday/Christmas tree. Let me tell you, he wasn’t terribly excited because as fate would have it the first place we stopped at was probably the most expensive place for trees we have ever been to. I mean you would think these trees must have come with a little snow on the branches for the prices they were asking….we saw trees that were well over 191 dollars. Yes, dollars, folks. And then….. I saw it! The. Most. Perfect. Tree. Undeniable, it was love at first sight, but again as fate would have it, DEFINATELY not in our price range. I even tried to haggle…it is my birthday tree…but to no avail. The price tag on this tree: $102. Again, NOT in our price range for something that would eventually end up in the trash, and Hubby told me I was being ridiculous as I pouted by my LOVER tree (secretly I knew he was right….but a girl can’t help which tree she falls in love with).  Here is me with my sad face and my first tree love:

Love at first sight, but WAY outta the price range...

Love at first sight, but WAY outta the price range...

But, I am glad I listened to Hubby (sometimes that boy is smart) and I am way to emotional when it comes to my special, most perfect-birthday tree. Luckily, we passed a tree lot admist our hunt, with the PERFECT (and affordable) tree! We found it in less than 5 minutes AND guess how much it was for a 9 foot tree? $100? $75? $50? Keep guessing…

Our perfect Tree!

Our perfect Tree!

Cost of our perfect tree $39.95! HELLO! How amazing…see that Hubby is smart, who knew! We snatched it up and now it is resting in warm sugar water in our living room. I quickly called Sar, who also ran out to purchase one…what a deal! I am so happy with my special, beautiful, pine smelling, large birthday tree! I am ready to go grab my pillows and sleep under it all night. Me and my birthday tree will have sweet dreams tonight! (Background note: I have this weird thing with NEEDING to sleep under or very near my birthday tree…for as long as I can remember, my mom has found me sleeping near the tree)

What a good hubby for getting me my tree! I am officially in the Holiday spirit now!
Tree, you complete me! 🙂



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10 responses to “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. See?? How would you manage without that hubby? All that love for less than $40? C’mon! 😉

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  3. Aw, must be wonderful going out tree-shopping! Your tree looks lovely – hope it doesn’t leak any sap or anything on you when you sleep under it :P.

  4. deek1973

    so happy you found the birthday/xmas tree that you heart! congrats! sweet dreams tonight while you sleep under it…but make sure you wear head-gear to avoid hidden, falling cones.

  5. silentorchestra

    I’m glad you got a good deal because paying anywhere near $100 for a tree strikes me as crazyness!! It’s pretty awesome that you sleep under it, it is in fact, your birthday tree, so it totally makes sense 🙂

  6. Lori

    Excellent tree!

  7. 2twentythree3

    It’s beautiful! 🙂

  8. That tree looks perfect! I’m so jealous – my studio is way too small for even a Charlie Brown tree.

  9. Al

    Great tree! Happy Holidays!


  10. I always wondered if people’s who’s birthdays are on Christmas feel cheated by not having their “own” birthday be separate or if it made their birthday more special. Obviously it makes yours more special! 🙂

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