The Young and the Restless


Rae, Hubby and I were on our way to/from picking up some yummy Sonic dinner (Rae never had a Cherry Limeaide….she is not from this planet)!

On the way there, the radio was playing a song about a lady who said she was a princess in a fairty tale life…..yea, I don’t know some country song.

Hubby (grabs my hand): You are NO princess, and this ain’t a fairy tale!

Me: Don’t I know it, you don’t have to tell me again! I know that this is not a fairy tale by any means…I think I figured that out about 4.5 years ago!

Hubby: chuckling

Me: Yea, I married below me!

Hubby: Aww you can be my princess!

Me: Well you can be my servant!

Now we are on the way home from our Sonic drive-thru……

Me: Guess what Rae misses. I will give you a guess…this is something she complained about for the last 4 years! (pause….silence, so I blurt) SCHOOL!

Me: I told you you would miss it once you were in the world of “I hate being a grown-up AND I hate working!”

Hubby(in a sad voice): I miss school too!

Me (thinking- Are you kidding me… are never going to school again! 3 years of my life were stolen from me—ok, so I am a bit dramatic)

Me: Why do YOU miss school?

Hubby: I miss my friends.

Me: HA you have no friends! I mean you have me, I will be your friend, but only cause I HAVE to be….

Hubby: You don’t hang out with me on the back porch and chug back beer.

Me: We don’t have a back porch that isn’t filled with dirt and we have no backyard furniture! I got you covered on the chugging beer part.



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5 responses to “The Young and the Restless

  1. I miss school sometimes, too.

    Also, where has your friend been living? Because Sonic cherry limeades as one of my favorite things ever!

  2. If Hubby is your servant then he can clean up the back porch and get some furniture and then you can be his friend and sit back there with him and chug beer!
    But then he should go back to being your servant and clean up after the two of you.

  3. Hey, we just got the first Sonic in the area 2 weeks ago! I’ve never had a cherry limeade either!

  4. Lori

    I never had a Cherry Limeade until I moved to FL. Sonic doesn’t exist in the north, but now Sonic is one of my most favorite things ever. And there is one right near our house. Very dangerous!

  5. silentorchestra

    “Me: HA you have no friends! I mean you have me, I will be your friend, but only cause I HAVE to be….”

    That is hilarious!

    And, I suppose I am also not from this planet, as I have never had cherry limeade, or Sonic, for that matter. I strangely feel as though I’m missing out on something very, very yummy.

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