Decorating Time

This weekend we decorated the tree and more of the house. We had a fun time, except for mine and Hubby’s disputes of where to strategically place the (hideous) ornaments. I feel as if I shouldn’t have to compromise THAT much since the tree, to me, is not just a Christmas tree….but a birthday tree. Here are some things we dispute over:

*colored lights—I am not a big fan of colored lights on the tree–I like white, but I decided to let him have all color this year, so next year I can have all white. Note: last year we had both and I like colored lights on houses, just not on the tree.

*ugly ornaments—Hubby has some ornaments that he made when he was six, while he thinks they are sentimental, I think they are hideous, so I sneakily put them in the back of the tree.

*presents—i like to put clues on the presents to help people guess….he likes to put to/from…but slowly he is learning to do clues!

*it’s all about me syndrome—I think I should always get my way in my birthday month and Hubby disagrees and says the Holidays aren’t all about me…I beg to differ!

Now here is the final outcome of our decorating. Turned out pretty well, despite Hubby not letting me get my way (Note to Hubby: this doesn’t mean I think you are right! I just know when to pick my battles!)

Our Tree

Our Tree

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Hannukah and Menorah Men

Hannukah and Menorah Men

Stockings...Hubby's has a lump of coal

Stockings...Hubby's has a lump of coal



Well, there you have it……Holiday Decorations 2008!



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11 responses to “Decorating Time

  1. Looks great. Boy, if we all got our way in our birthday MONTH, I’d be a rich man. 😉

  2. steppingthru

    You already have presents under your tree! I am impressed. The tree does look perfect and the rest of the house looks great too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aw, those are so lovely!!! It looks all…. all… Christmasy! Just beautiful!

  4. Sarah

    Isn’t that funny…all those years of us argueing with mom about having colored “fun” lights. And now you and me both prefer the white lights like mom!

  5. silentorchestra

    I like white lights also, but I must say, you’re entire place looks fabulous!

  6. Matt

    Sorry cuz, I’m with Steven on this one…Colored lights are way more festive! That’s what I have in my apt! White lights are good for outside I think, and decorating inside, but not on the tree! (haha now watch her not accept this comment cause I’m not agreeing with her!)

  7. CUZIN…I accepted this comment….but you are WRONG 🙂

  8. scrapper26

    Very nice decorations! I too like colored lights… on the outside and white inside- thanks for the comment on my blog! I also think that you should get your way in your birthday month but my hubby is the same- he thinks I always want my way (and I do but I don’t really expect to get it unless it is important stuff!) Three cheers for the old ornaments on the back of the tree!

  9. Mom

    Nice (and funny) to know I still you both agree with me about white lites, even after all these years! Your house looks great, Jess, even with the colors. Festive and cute! 😀

  10. Love the tree and decorations! I’m not sure if I prefer white or colored lights, I just do what my kids want. Someday I’ll have my own tree… 🙂

  11. S K

    Awww, I wish my decorations looked that good. =(

    I especially love the little trees along the pathway! Where did you get those, if you don’t mind sharing? 😀

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is lovely. =) I’ll be stopping by frequently! =)

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