Keeping It Real…

Snippets of conversations between Hubby and I.  Aren’t we cute? Yea, so life is always interesting…we have never had problems with a lack of things to talk about, I guess that is what makes us so compatible! (Besides the fact that I am AMAZING) 🙂

Here is our advice on keeping it real….

On Carpooling:

Me: You should drive me to work everyday, I need a chauffer!

Hubby: Then you have to get up earlier.

Me: Oh, never mind!

Real life Matters:

Me: If we get divorced, I get our house.

Hubby: I don’t see us getting divorced.

Me: Well, you never know….so I get the house just in case.

On chores:

Me: You have so many chores, when we get home…you have to make lunches, put things away, carry in stuff from the car…etc.

Hubby: What do YOU have to do!

Me: Well, I have to take a shower, and blog.

Hubby: Blogging IS NOT a chore…

Me: Well, it is kinda like it…if I don’t do it, I will disappoint some of my reader’s routines in the morning! I can’t have that kind of pressure on me. 🙂

On love:

Me: Wanna do it?

Hubby: I’m too full from dinner.

Me: Me too…let’s go to bed!

On Death:




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11 responses to “Keeping It Real…

  1. Aww, y’all are really cute!
    I hope when I get married, my hubby and I can have conversations like these!

  2. Definitely a compatible couple, I should say! That comic is amazing by the way XD.

  3. sandysays1

    Love the Love and Divorce shorts. I have a Christmas story posted and its a hoot. Visit me at

  4. deek1973

    You absolutely, positively, without question…crack me up! You’re right on point with the chores…if you don’t live up to your blogging responsibilities, you run the risk of disappointing so many…including the silent blog stalkers (we know who they are).

  5. silentorchestra

    Hahah you are too funny.

    On carpooling – my response would have been the same.

    On chores – Yes! I would be disappointed as reading blogs accounts for much of my ‘looking busy’ time at work.

    On love & death – so funny, yet so true 🙂

  6. rachel

    that is my comic you stealer!

  7. Haha I’m with you on the chauffeur idea, that is the reason why we keep those men around anyway!

  8. Excellent and funny post… and fabulous cartoon! 😀 thanks for the smile!

  9. Gina

    Adorable…especially the “wanna do it” one. 😀
    Sounds so familiar.

  10. Reading your conversation was precious! I never thought about blogging a conversation between my hubby and I. This is a great idea!

    I really enjoy your blog. You are VERY creative.

    Kindest Regards,


  11. Thanks Michelle! 🙂
    I appreciate it!

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