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The Great Christmas Tree Mystery…

Ceramic Tree...where did you come from?

Ceramic Tree...where did you come from?

The Ceramic Tree Mystery:

My Aunt made this Ceramic Christmas Tree over 30 years ago. This Christmas I inherited this tree (my Nanny passed this October and this is one of the things I inherited, see Elmira, NY ).

I was so excited, that is until my sister quite sarcastically stated that this COULD NOT have been hand made! We all thought it was beautiful and one of a kind, until my sister pointed out no one (NOT even our very cool aunt) could make something that looked this good…and played music. My Aunt laughed and said she made it in a Ceramics Class. I completely forgot about all of this, until my sister brought it up again. We also have seen it on my friend’s blog and we  are thinking maybe this item is not as “original” as I had  thought or maybe this is a traditional item that you can make in any ceramics class.

So, as usual, Sar thinks SHE is right, while I still maintain, that even IF other people have it, our Aunt did make it……with her very own hands for our Nanny, so it SHOULD still have some sentimental value, right…well those are MY thoughts on the matter!

Can anyone solve our great ceramic tree mystery? Does anyone know where this comes from? Is it a mold? Is it something sold in the stores? Is it the great Christmas Mystery of 2008? (I just liked the ring of that) 🙂

What do YOU think? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings because I will still love that little old Ceramic Christmas Tree, no matter what!


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