Fun Finds…

So, I never told you guys the exciting news! My tacky Ornament (My First Tacky Ornament Party) was a big hit…I tied for first place! Can you believe it?!!! I can’t, I was thinking I would end up with my pride and joy ornament, but people were figthing over it…it goes to show where true alligiance lies and that everyone KNOWS the best university in Arizona is University of Arizona! Go CATS!

The ornament I won was pretty popular too. I had to fight two people for it, but finally she could be stolen no more. I knew she had to be mine… was love at first sight. She HAD to belong to me. I knew I had to bring her home to Hubby, as he would love her just as much as me! So may I present……

Christmas "Eve"

Christmas "Eve"

She is HOT, huh?

Then tonight Rae and I went out for a few last minute gifts. I found some pretty exciting sales and couldn’t pass up another “perfect” Christmas decoration. I spent a whole $1.50 on it, but it definately suits our household! It is just perfect, huh! What do you think?

The Perfect Sign

The Perfect Sign

So here you have it folks, a few Christmas treasures for 2008! What a great time of the year!



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6 responses to “Fun Finds…

  1. That’s so cool! Sounds like you bagged the real prize. And congrats on your ornament being the “hit” of the party!

  2. Poor Santa, he’ll come down the chimney and he’ll be so confused by hot-naked-lady-ornament that he won’t know what to do with your presents!

  3. That is definitely a cool-lookin’ ornament! I think I have a few guy friends would enjoy that… maybe a little too much. And that sign is hilarious! I want one of my own!

  4. Glad your ornament was so popular. I love the one you snagged – that’s hysterical. Silly ornaments always make me smile – gotta have ’em. Cheers!

  5. steppingthru

    LMAO…the Christmas Eve is perfect and the decoration could certainly fit my household too.

  6. Incredible ornament! Perfect addition to any family tree! 🙂

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