Cruisin’ Conversations


So, we made it back. It was probably the worst trip back EVER because we got (a little) too many speeding tickets (we think). Well, Hubby did. One in the middle of TX for going 85 mph (PEOPLE THE SPEED LIMIT THERE IS 80) however, it was still dark out (being that it was 6am) and so he got a ticket because he should have been going 65 (night speed). OOPS! Then there was a camera set up in Tucson….I hate those stupid speed cameras. So, we can’t be sure, but it totally flashed. Oh well. It happens, but I think this trip got very expensive!

Anyways, besides that part and the long, boring drive we did have some good conversations….

On Driving

Me: I hate driving! (Mind you I think on the way back I drove maybe an hour and a half out of 14 hours….. )

Hubby: Why

Me: Cause I see dead things. And it is probably not a good idea to close my eyes like I do everytime I see them.

On How much longer

Me: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Hubby: I can pull this car over and you can walk!

On Speeding Tickets

Me: There goes our Christmas money. I think it may have been cheaper to fly!


On the Best BBQ in Texas (Advice to Readers)

Me: If you ever see this place GO THERE!


On Small Towns in the Middle of West Texas

Hubby: Let’s stop there…at the one that says Travel Center

Me (slowing down..yea it was the one time I was driving) Oh yea, THIS looks like a nice travel center. (FYI…it was a run down shack with ONE pump) Kinda like this, but not exactly…


Hubby: After we fill up, want a tour of the town?

Me: I think I will pass.

On food in the car:

Hubby doesn’t like me to eat in the car, but I do it anyways.


Hubby(angry-like): Did you drop your pretzels?!

Me: uh oh

Hubby: You will pick that up!

Me: Ooops I think it fell somewhere out of reach…..

Coming soon…pictures of my pretzel art

Well, there you have it. Don’t you just feel like you were in the car with us?

We didn’t kill each other and we are still talking to each other, so all in all good times!


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6 responses to “Cruisin’ Conversations

  1. steppingthru

    I almost choked when I saw the picture of the couple in the car. That is so like Coach and I. You wouldn’t happen to have been in Amarillo, Tx at Rudy’s? We’ve eaten there and it was great! Glad you made it home safely.

  2. Nope, we were in El Paso, but had Rudy’s at the original in Leon Springs, TX too! 🙂

  3. Welcome back — any more trips planned soon? When Devoted Spouse and I travel I usually do most of the driving because otherwise I make him crazy with my inane chatter and the constant changing CDs or the satellite radio channel. Gimme a Mountain Dew and the steering wheel and I settle right down. I can’t imagine a 14 hour trip – I don’t know who would crack first.

  4. I think you’ve come up with the BEST reason ever for not liking to drive. No-one I know has such good answers to the question why they don’t like it!

  5. OMG i hate texas and their stupid night speed. i was going 90…ahem…but it was midnight so i got written up for 15 over by a stupid cop in a big 10 gallon hat and a handlebar mustache. no joke! lol

  6. Yummy, Rudy’s! I have a Rudy’s down the street from me and eat there all the time!

    But true, Texas cops don’t play when it comes to speeding. I think they have more important things to worry about.

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