Guitar Hero Addictions


Dear Guitar Hero,

I love you. You are a very fun game and I think I am addicted to your colorful notes. I see them everywhere! I  see color notes everytime I listen to any song on the radio. I see the color notes in my sleep. I see color notes all around me. I cannot get your songs out of my head and I love Midori and her green legwarmer socks and purple hair. I really feel that I AM Midori the Rocker!

P.S. Can you please cause my sister’s fingers to fall off, so she can stop being better than me?


A faithful fan

I guess this is what happens when you play for 5 hours straight.


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3 responses to “Guitar Hero Addictions

  1. I love this! One of my friends is really good at Guitar Hero — I could have written this letter about how I wouldn’t mind if his fingers fell off so he wouldn’t be so smug about his GH ability…

    Good luck! And have fun!

  2. There definitely aren’t many games that are more addictive than Guitar Hero. Careful there, soon you’ll have to modify “fan” with “addict!”

  3. joz1234

    I got hubby the World Tour for Christmas…he hasn’t had time to play with work, but I am sure we will break it out soon!

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