Are we really THAT old?


I should preface this post with the fact that I USED to LOVE going to the movie theatre and thought I still did until last night. Last night we saw Marley and Me, which was a good movie and I was just excited to be going to see a movie, since it is not a frequent thing for us.

It was our first “movie night” in awhile and I decided at 9pm that I wanted to go see it. (Mind you the movie started at 9:20pm.) But there is nothing like the spur of the moment…makes things exciting, much to Hubby’s chagrin. Especially when I dilly dally like I do. As Hubby is rushing around yelling at me to “HURRY UP or we won’t make it!”

So, we get there just in time to see the movie, despite threats…

Me: I am going to kill you if you yell at me anymore! ( As we all know I am prone to exaggerate)

Hubby: Not if I kill you first!

We get there with plenty of time…. just as the movie is starting. However, as I sit down next to a lady and her 5 year old (bouncing in his seat, can’t.sit.still.kid) I whisper to Hubby that I am going to move to the other side of him to get away from this kid. We then move down a few seats….a few moments later I hear a shrieking baby to my right. Come on, People? Why are you bringing small children to the movies? Ever heard of babysitters? I don’t know why this makes me sooooo crazy, well probably because we just paid an obscene amount of money to watch a movie, a little quiet could go a long way.

Then we are halfway through the movie and the teens in front of us are whipping out their iphones and playing around, causing a HUGE glare of computer screen to be in my face, while they point, whisper and talk to their friends. (Remind me why they are at the movies if they are just gonna talk on their phones? )Then at about 10 minutes to the end of the movie the people to the right of us start whispering and laughing (mind you the END of Marley and Me is SAD) and Hubby has to SHOOSH them, which doesn’t work that well anyway, but the effort is much appreciated!

We then get out of the movie and I say to Hubby:

Me: Tell me are we just getting old or are the movie patrons getting ruder and ruder?

Hubby: We are just getting old and crochety.

Me: Sad story, while I was hoping that was not the case…I guess we are those crabby people that SHOOSH everyone during the movie, you know the ones we used to make fun of when we were teenagers at the movies.

Hubby: Except WE didn’t have cellphones then!

I guess we really ARE getting THAT old, especially when our idea of a “great movie night” is staying at home in our PJs with some microwave popcorn and a DVD, instead of fighting with people at the movie theatre.



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10 responses to “Are we really THAT old?

  1. You’re not old, you just paid a ton of money for a movie and some popcorn and want to be able to enjoy it in peace. I hate rude movie-goers. Their antics ruin the flick. We once had an older couple sit down next to us and as the movie began the lady pulled out this humongous bag of unshelled peanuts and began to crack peanuts and throw the shells all over the place — I kept glaring at her and she was oblivious. I finally got up and moved to another seat after I brushed off the peanut shells from my lap and accidentally stepped on her…twice.

  2. i was on the tram on my way from work and there was a gaggle of teenagers being annoying and loud. i thought to myself “damn kids these days!” and then realised what i was saying and felt very old. to make matters worse, when i first got on the tram, he offered me his seat which means i either look really old or i look pregnant – both are not acceptable.

  3. delaney55

    I agree with Linda, you aren’t getting old. Hubby and I learned to hit the matinee, it’s cheaper and less people in the theater to worry about. Most of the time we wait and get the DVD. I would rather watch it at home on the big set with surround sound and stay in my jammies. Much easier and no rude people, unless of course hubby decides to be ornery. 🙂

  4. Ugh. I detest rude movie goers. I agree with Delaney, the matinee is the way to go! Especially on big movie days (Fri/Sat/Sun).

  5. steppingthru

    We went to the movie on New Years Eve and it wasn’t the people in the movie with us, it was the people who work there that made me mad. They were up in the projection booth (or whatever you call it these days) and they were talking really loud. Finally one of the other patrons grunted and got up and soon the talking stopped. Guess he went and complained. Guess I am one of those crochety old folks too.

  6. I am soooo with you (and probably a darned decade older, too). The older I get, the more whippersnappers annoy the heck out of me, LOL…how’s that for an oldtimer’s word?

    Hint: Go to the movies during school hours…less kids.

  7. deek1973

    Your post and everybody’s comments after, are all right on point. We haven’t been to a movie in 2 years…and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If it does mean we’re getting old, at least you were kind enough to admit it first so we can all ‘come out’ of the projection booth with you.

    Here’s to new release DVD’s, Netflix and comfortable PJ’s.

  8. joz1234

    I think it might be a little of both…I feel it too. 🙂

  9. The Husband and I went to a movie over the break and were surrounded by teenagers — that’s what we get for going to see Jim Carrey, I guess. I still love *going* to the movies, I’m just one of those crochety old (32, btw) women who will shush those around me or go get a manager if need be. Fear me.

    Also, I have 2 children and I don’t even like to bring the youngest one to kids’ movies yet. I’m not paying $7 for a ticket and who knows how much for snacks if I’m not going to be able to see the whole thing! So here’s to hoping the next time you venture to the cinema, you find yourself surrounded by people like me, or the commenters above.

  10. silentorchestra

    This is exactly why I hate going to the theatre. I end up secretly planning the demise of all the annoying people in the room. Damn them! Needless to say, I generally don’t pay attention to the movie, and then get even more pissed that I just spent more than I do on a weeks worth of groceries to sit around and judge people for the way they eat their popcorn. Pj’s, couch and DVD’s are where it’s at!

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