Jury Duty Survival


Well, I survived Jury Duty and lived to tell about it. I did not get kicked out, I did not stab anyone with my (now) confiscated fork, and did not follow some of your suggestions to say that I believed in “an eye for an eye” to get out of it.

I actually rather enjoyed it. There were TONS of weird people there, I mean you name it I saw it. There were all types of people (young, old, weird looking, smelly and ones that looked like maybe they should be on trial) and the lady on the loudspeaker thought she was a regular comedian. She even cracked jokes and told us if any of us got unruly she would have her bodyguard, the baliff, take care of us….which meant, I had to refrain from stabbing anyone with my (now) plastic fork, unless I wanted a trial of my very own. Which might have been fun, but I decided it would be a VERY expensive process for Hubby to go through and since I haven’t won the lottery yet, he probably would have let me stay in jail.

I was sitting next to this older guy and he and I kept getting picked for everything…and trust me, the first big case was a 3 month murder trial, and as much FUN as I thought it would be to get out of work for 3 months (because my name WAS selected), I decided I had better claim “financial hardship” being I highly doubted my work would pay for me to be gone for 3 months and $12 dollars a day for three months was NOT going to cut it, as much as I had wished it would! Next, my neighbor and I got called to do a 1 month trial, they didn’t tell us what this one was about, but again, $12 a day wasn’t going to cut it, so again I clamied “financial hardship.” Then we got to sit around for a bit “in case they needed us” and watch videos on the the Justice System….fun times, I tell you!

And that, dear readers, was my day in a nutshell. No fork stabbings this time around, but hopefully next time I am called to do my “public duty” I will be better prepared!

P.S. You will all be happy to know I got my fork back!



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6 responses to “Jury Duty Survival

  1. mikewalzman

    ha, love that pic. I’m doing jury duty next month and everyone too is telling me what to do to get out if it, but I actually want to go, I feel it’s my duty as a citizen of this city to go.

  2. Mike—it’s fun, just don’t bring real forks! 🙂

  3. lol… Sounds like quite the day. I bet the people watching was fun… the huge variety.

  4. steppingthru

    I have been called to jury duty one time and it was a murder trial and I got picked. It was so cut and dry that it only lasted 3 days. I was interesting but I don’t care to do it again.

  5. desiresinspiration

    HA! I got dismissed from Jury Duty for falling asleep (I snore, loudly!) LOLOLOL. It was the worlds most boring case: an 80 yr old woman hit a 79 year old man with her car…

    BORING.. and it had video testimony.. snooze!

  6. I loved reading about someone else’s jury duty experience. It seems like everyone has one unique situation. I was called and served a couple months back, and fortunately San Francisco’s court house provides free wi-fi. I got to sit in a jury pool working, rather than my office. I’ll take it.

    I got called to case and was up to be a juror, but it was a case that I felt should not have even been tried. I knew it was going to be a boring three days, but I also felt the system was wasting tax payers time and money. For all those who read, that is a great way to get off a trial. Tell the judge and lawyer that you feel that way and that you will feel biased against the prosecution because of it and you’re more than likely on your way out the door.

    I got $17.50 for my one day of service ($15 for service and 1 mile of mileage at $2.50).

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