Me: HMPH. (Sighing heavily)

Hubby: What’s a matter?

Me: I could have been a juror on a murder trial! Instead, I am going back to my job tomorrow to do boring things…I won’t even use my brain…like I could have, had I been on a murder trial.

Hubby: Sorry, Dear.

Me: Glad I got my MBA….remind me, why I did that? I could have been learning all about murder…what to do and what not to do…so that I could plot your demise! Just like on my favorite show, Snapped!

But, alas, it will be back to the boring routine for me…hmph!



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12 responses to “Regrets…

  1. Question, what do you do with an MBA?
    This is what I’ve been thinking about lately, since I’m just about to finish mine….and I don’t know what I’m doing.

  2. Well, my goal is to work in Hospital Adminstration…but right now I am in a university setting in Nursing. I have worked in the hospitals before and loved it.

  3. OH, how I wish I had an MBA!

    … but murder’s so much cooler, ain’t it? 😉


  4. I decided against an MBA because my undergrad degree in Bus Mgt didn’t get me very far. So now I’m in a grad program for Theology — yeah, like that’s a big-paying field!!! Hah!

  5. deek1973

    Personally, I think you’d make a great Administrator! Now that you don’t have detailed blueprints on hatching your diabolical plan to ‘snap’, you will probably not have to wear an orange jumpsuit in your new Administrator role when it happens.

    Missed you too! Glad you had a wonderful B-day/Christmas!

  6. When I was in court for my divorce, I had to sit through every case because they made me wait until last. I actually enjoyed watching the process. It was really interesting. I was disappointed when it was my turn because I didn’t want to leave. Court works different than I expected. And the judge was pretty cool.

  7. hahahaha… that being said I’ve always wanted to be on Jury Duty!

  8. I love your blog and especially this picture. Considering printing it out and making little business cards out of it–handing it out when people want to start whining… (Especially my kids.)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’ll be back here more often!


  9. skeezwax

    My boyfriend tried sooo hard to get out of every trial at jury duty. He put his hand up and had “issues” with every case.

  10. bi5ket

    I almost got on a jury once: Pugg v. Legg. A sexual harassment case I think. But they let me go because I was, you know, a dog.

    By the way, I added your blog link to my list of “Admirers” on my blog. Hope it gets you lots of clicks… yours is a great blog!

  11. kristielee

    Thanks! I’m sure Duke will appreciate it. 😉 He’s a sable sheltie, but I love the tri-colors too!

  12. I like jury duty too…had it once here in town and it was for prostitution. Definitely not murder, but still interesting.

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