Gotta love the sisters…

So, all my life I have been made fun of by my sisters for having a big butt. (I really think they are just jealous) Everytime I used to come home for a visit they would turn me around and say…”how is it possible that your butt has gotten BIGGER?!” So, recently Rae found me a cartoon that attested to this, so as proof that I have a good sense of humor and as paybacks for me posting up her Pukey 1 pictures (just in case any of you missed this you can view Pukey 1 here at: Good Times…), I am going to show you the cartoon she found in honor of my behind…

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

And that, my friends, is my behind in a nutshell. Oh well, I guess I could have worse problems, right Rae?



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7 responses to “Gotta love the sisters…

  1. I have the exact opposite problem! I get made fun of for having NO ASS! I’m wide, but there’s not a booty there… kind of remarkable actually!

  2. well if you need some booty…I got plenty to share….hmmm maybe that didn’t come out just right…

  3. macsinclair

    I have always been one scrawny guy–both sides of the family have a skinny history. Several years ago, I visited my distant relatives in a remote mountain village in Italy, Frosolone. While I was there, I learned that, from various visits by family members over the years, the American Sinclairs and Sheas who would come to visit gained some nick-name I cannot remember at the moment, but my translator told me that a rough definition of the word was “emaciated country peasant.” By the way, for some reason, I have been called up for jury duty every other year since I was 20, and I have yet to serve in a trial.

  4. Gotta love sisters! I know me and my sister always mess with each other. Even if one of us is having a bad hair day, that doesn’t stop one of us from mentioning it to the person with the bad hair!

  5. rachel

    gotta love happiness and cyanide 🙂 kudos to my boy for sharing it with us eh? and hey guess what i’ll actually see you tonight cuz i get off at a decent hour! aren’t you excited then we can torture each other in person instead of via text messaging when we live down the hall from each other! lol

  6. Rae—nah, I prefer torturing you through my blogging…so the world can see! 🙂
    See ya tonight!

  7. doctorn4

    That was really funny.

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